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[size=1]Here is the Underground thread for my new RP. Please put any questions or comments here. Also, here is some extra information.

[b]Power Limiters: [/b]Small objects which can be used to hold in the power of many youkai. Goku and Hakkai both use these to great effect, Goku's being in the form of a headband given to him by the gods, Hakkai's being in the form of small ear clips.

[b]Youkai: [/b]In basic terms, the youkai are demons. They once lived alongside humans not just as neightbours, but as brothers. It was forbidden for youkai to mate with humans and vice versa, as was it it forbidden to mix youkai magic and human science. But when they were combined to try and revive Gyumaoh, a minus wave spread across Shangri-La, turning the youkai evil. This has now happened again, leaving the Sanzo-ikkou no choice but to fight their way through to find out what is happening.

[b]The Sutras: [/b]The Sutras are the founding scriptures of Heaven and Earth, governing all evolution on this planet. There are five of them each guarded by a high Buddhist priest with the title of Sanzo. Genjyo Sanzo holds the Maten Sutra, and is looking for his master's, the Seiten Sutra.

[b]Hakuryu: [/b]Hakkai's pet, a small dragon which spends most of his time on Hakkai's back. However, when the Sanzo-ikkou have need of it, Hakuryu can transform into a fully-functioning jeep, which the party use to get around quickly.

That's it for the moment, if you have any question leave them here.

Thank you.
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