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Gaming Shadow of the Collosis


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This is another game I've had picked from the makers (SCEA) they bring you Shadow of the Collosis a very strange adventurse game, its based around this kid you play that looks like a knight & this princess is placed under a curse & you have to kill theses Collosis that hide deeply in the rocks, air, fire, & water its a sweet game I played 4 1 hour & I felt like its been an eintire day because I was fighting the 2nd Collosis he was F^3k!% HUGE! you have this censore thing on you sword that allows u find the collosis using this light on your sword & when u find him u have to climb on him, u have grip meter which is very hard to go with because u are climing on the Collosis whule hes walking but its not easy at all u have to keep moving because the Collosis will grab u & throw u on to the ground & climbing is such a B!43h but its a good game enviorments are lucious & beautiful for those who played this already whot do you think of this adventorus game?

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