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  1. Does anyone know how to get other classes for create a character mode im lookin for a Samurai, Knight, Assaine, & Gladior I fight them but I dont have the classes can someone help me out?
  2. This is another game I've had picked from the makers (SCEA) they bring you Shadow of the Collosis a very strange adventurse game, its based around this kid you play that looks like a knight & this princess is placed under a curse & you have to kill theses Collosis that hide deeply in the rocks, air, fire, & water its a sweet game I played 4 1 hour & I felt like its been an eintire day because I was fighting the 2nd Collosis he was F^3k!% HUGE! you have this censore thing on you sword that allows u find the collosis using this light on your sword & when u find him u have to climb on him, u have grip meter which is very hard to go with because u are climing on the Collosis whule hes walking but its not easy at all u have to keep moving because the Collosis will grab u & throw u on to the ground & climbing is such a B!43h but its a good game enviorments are lucious & beautiful for those who played this already whot do you think of this adventorus game? [IMG]http://www.ebgames.com/gmspImages/25/257136/pt_924364_20051017_screen025_2529rs116.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.ebgames.com/gmspImages/25/257136/pt_924364_20051017_screen026_2529rs116.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.ebgames.com/gmspImages/25/257136/pt_924364_20050517_screen004_2516108.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.ebgames.com/gmspImages/25/257136/pt_924364_20050517_screen006_2516108.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.ebgames.com/gmspImages/25/257136/pt_924364_20050812_screen013_2523rs116.jpg[/IMG]
  3. I juzt recently bought Soul Caliber 3 & it cease to amaze me the movie intro is well done, there are mre characters in the game, new wepons, some old characters came back, the story mode plays like an rpg, & when u play with a persons story u get sorta of a resident evil 4 thing u cant relax on the cutscenes, but this game really is good I havent done the create a character yet but I hope there are good choices on it but its a really good game ot buy not rent, buy
  4. Evangelion is soo far the most crazed anime I've ever watched, the characters (mostly Shinji) is so whacked out & crazy, I seen all the episodes plus both movies Death & Rebirth is juzt all flash back thing on what happened already & The End of Evangelion is basicly the end of all human kind & a new begining of human kind but when I 1st saw the 2nd movie I was felling sick when Asuka's was stabed in the head by the lance of longudest & when her unit 2 was eatin alive by the eva series then 6 or 7 spears rained on her, also I can belive Karow had to die evan though he chose it he was a great character I dont' care if he was an angel he was soo powerful he had is own AT field & he was controlling unit 2 but yeah is Evangelion is definatly something else I love it I.E. I belive Adult Swim is gonna ruin Evangelion because to much contrvirsal & sexuality on that show but that's what makes it good
  5. [COLOR=DarkGreen]Well I already have a girlfriend but she fantasizes on anime boys so I can do the same, & damn it how many times do I have to say it, I would go out with Ayeka Jurai frim the Tenchi series she soo hot, cute, sweet & tought that's right no one messes with my princess ^_^[/COLOR]
  6. Mime would me the a cut on both FFVII & FFX, On FFVII I love Tifa, Vincent, & Cloud soo awsome, & on FFX, Yuna, Aauron, & Tidus Moslty Yuna though cause she can do the summoning's & she really powerful in magic
  7. Well I watch alot & I mean ALOT but the ones I like most is Neon Genises Evangelion cause it has most of the things Gundam neverd had plus it tell us about the things that might be possible in the futer besides the angels & [U]maybe[/U] the Eva's, also Fullmetal Alchemist is a great anime cause it delivers everything I wanted plus theres a short blond hero lol ^_^ & there is both Ruroni Kenshin & Naruto, Ruroni Kenshin is the best samurai anime you can get *despite Samurai champloo & Samurai 7* & very quickly Naruto is gettin cred for being the best ninja anime well time will tell can Naruto be the best ninja anime? Ohhh almost for got theses are part of the best to juzt because they kick *** Hellsing FLCL Cowboy Bebop Trigun G Gundam Gundam SEED .Hack//legends Big O Case Closed Tenchi Muyo Chobits & Gunslinger girl
  8. [FONT=Century Gothic]Well I juzt seen the new G.U. trailer that SilentSecuity had & it looks more flashy than the 1st one duhhh well the game is still in Japanese production so I could tell what they were sayin hardly but I understanded a little but I like the look of it soo far most of the areas don look as flat a the other games the gaphics on this are really unique & the abilty to carry three wepons with you is gonna be really handy, Bandai has focused alot mostly on the cutscenes greatly detailed but the game better live up to its work im emprested already but if it turns out bad in the end...Bandai would hae another crappy game but I doubt it G.U. will kick ***[/FONT]
  9. [COLOR=DarkGreen]Well lookin at the triler of this game makes me wanna play Snake eater again, Hideo Kojima was smart for leaving Konami so he made his own productions, Kojima productions as it already stands this game is gonna be in the "I gotta have this game bad" department lucious graphics, yet another great story line, & Snake of course who could ask for more to like about this personaly im a Metal Gear fan & I can see that MGS4 Guns of the patriots will not disspoint [/COLOR]
  10. Mine would a been a two sided deal cause I read both books at the same time they were Tenchi Muyo, & Naruto I Liked Tenchi cause if all the humor, & perverteness in the book, & Naruto cause well Ninjas are cool and crazt things keep the book good
  11. [QUOTE] [B][COLOR=Blue]Originaly posted by duoikari [/COLOR][/B] I think the worst anime i have ever seen would have to be, Sailor moon, when it first came i thought' oh, this is something new' that because i was naive and stupid and i didn't know a lot about anime back then, in fact i had only seen Tenchi, dragonballz, Gundam wing, shin chan and digimon. But even when i think back to it, the show was really crap even then. I just used to watch it because there was nothing else on at 7:30 in the morning before i went to school. Thatt another thing i never got about Sailor moon, why so many series and why was all the bad guys actually girls.[/QUOTE] [COLOR=DarkGreen]I don't belive that back in the day people loved Salior moon she was a badass chick but now I see but it doesnt change the fact that shes a kickass chick but for me I have to say SD Gundam It was sooo horrible I mean Gundam wing, G Gundam, & Gundam SEED were very good but this im sorry to say no cause it's out of bounds it a piece of **** again im sorry but its the truth[/COLOR]
  12. XxZeroxX

    Gaming Grandia 3

    [B]Yet again Square-Enix is makin another game *& probebly still whorin off Kingdom hearts II & FFVII Advent children* it's called Grandia 3 simular to the PS1's Grandia 1 & 2 so far that I seen this game looks amazing I didnt like Grandia 1 that much & 2 was soo awsome & what I seen in this game maybe it will be a much better game on Square's side * that & Kingdom Hearts II* because off games like Fullmetal Alchemist 1 & 2 sorry to say, im a FMA fan my self but the games were horrible to say so what do you think of Grandia 3?[/B]
  13. [FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=DarkGreen]I have recently rented the game Sholin monks & its ok for what it is but I still prefere the Sub-Zero game on the N64 but there is still some fun in the game, sooo juzt rent it's only for Mortal Kombat freaks out there ok sooo play more Deseption if you don't like it ok?[/COLOR][/FONT]
  14. [COLOR=DarkGreen]Has any I herd the the sond Rewrite? its the forth intro of Fullmetal ALchemist thats a new favorite song for me also I like then outro of Case closed to really good to hear not over the top but really good [/COLOR] :animeswea
  15. That's easy for me Naota of FLCL me & him are sooo simular in everyway so why not?
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