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S-cry-ED Banner and Avatar, Please


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Hello. I'm looking for a cool S-cry-ED banner and avatar. I haven't been able to find any on my own and I know that there are a lot of talented artists here and sadly I lack any artistic talent. I don't really need an avatar, but it'd be nice. I only really want a banner, if you can do the avatar I'd be in your debt. I only have one decent picture from S-cry-ED, so sorry if I can't help much. I'd like it to have Kazuma, Ryuhou to if you can fit it in. Thanks I really appreciate it, Starwind over and out.
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Well here's my attempt. Hope you like them. If not I won't be offended as there are others here far more talented at making banners and avatars than I am. ^_^[/COLOR]



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