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Well It has been ages since i posted in this area of the boards but that is because all the stuff i have drawn I never thought about posting up here. Suddenly i have drawn something I want opinions on.

I would like comments good or bad. Note: This is NOT a digimon or pokemon. It was just some random thing i drew. Though i guess it could be used as a fictional creation for either pokemon or digimon. That is not how i drew it though.

(A little poem thingy because I always rhyme unintentionally so I decided to do this one intentionally :) )

It was 2 in the morning and I could not sleep
I felt depressed but could not weep
So I picked up a pencil and began to draw
And in two long hours this is what I saw.
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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]I think it looks great.
Although, I must say it does look
a lot like a Pokemon, sorry.

But, that aside, I really like it. It
took you two hours to draw it?
Well I congratulate you! And I
especialy like the wings. I hope
I can see more of your work soon.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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Yeah. I know it looks pokemonish... Oh well. Yeah it took 2 hours. It was 2 am when i sytarted and i did three to four different steps. It was a bunch of shapes at first just to see if i liked the pose. then i took a mechanical pencil and drew lightly the moire details. After that i went back and darkend all the details i liked. Then i inked in with an inking pen and after what where it didnt go dark enough i used a normal gel pen. Anyways yeah 2 hours long or short it could of been longer or shorter time depending on what time i started.

I will admit this is the first time i have done this kind of pose. Most of the art i used to draw would be directly from the side or front. I tried an angle this time and am quite pleased. (aside from the pokemon part) I do join digimon an pokemon rpgs dometimes here on the boards so i can use her forthat.

By the way she has a name. "Snarks" (Thought it up randomly for no real reason)
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[quote name='lilkid']good,but whats up with the head it looks weird[/quote]
Well she has her head down. My dog did this once and it looked similar to this. So her head wouldnt be normally like that. She is just holding it that way. As for shape itself i dunno. This was a 2 in the morning picture lol who knows what my mind was really thinking. I am working on another creature picture but with other thingsgoing on during the day it may take a while before I post it.
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