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Memoirs of a Geisha Avatar/Banner Request


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[SIZE=1]I feel bad for requesting for a new banner/avatar already but I've been really excited about this new movie coming out since I read the book to it years ago. It's really one of my favorite books of all time. If anyone could do me the favor of making a banner for me that says [b]"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"[/b] and with [b]"Pumpkin"[/b] on the avatar it would be much appreciated. I love my current banner but I'd like this one a tad bit longer perhaps.


Thank you!
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[size=1][color=royalblue]Hu-ZAA! I finished it! Yaaay!

I'm quite proud of the banner. It looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself. :3

...And the avi, which is kinda like "uh...I need to make an avi" kinda deal. = =;; Hey, it happens to the best of us, and it happens to all of us. The main deal is the banner, ya know?

You need to enlighten me, Pumpkin, on just what "Memoirs of a Geisha" is about. I would like to see it, but I also need to nag my friends to come see it with me. XD[/color][/size]
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