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Dragon Ball: Fight of the Dying Nights(M-VSL)


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20 years after GT.....

Suzu looked around and saw somethingin the distance. It was coming in real fast. Almost as fast as lightning. The chi was amazing.

"Who might you be?" the man asked.

"Name's Suzu" He replied jabbing his thumb at his shoulder.

" Then you will die!" the man replied as he turned into his Super Saiya Jin.

"Heh, my turn" Suzu claimed as he powered up into a Super Saiya-Jin also.

"Kamehameha!" Suzu yelled.

A beam of light blue appeared from his palms hot enough to burn you skin in unprotected. It died down leaving clouds of pale brown dust, it cleared

" I belive it was you who said "my turn"," He lunged knocking Suzu in the stomach, hard. His mouth gaping open, eyes wide open. He fell to the ground going out of Super Saiya-Jin form.

"Hmmm.... I'll give you one year to train"" So gather all your friends and come find me after the year is up"

"Oh. I'm Vagerot," He replied.

With that he was gone. Suzu got up grimacing and clutching his stomach
"I'll... beat yiu..." He said as he faded into the oblivion on unconsiousness.

Sign up:

Name: make one up

Age: 8-39

Bio: Tell us where your from and your history.

Race: Saiyan, human, Kai,etc.

Apperance: pic or some detailed words


No being invinceble

No haveing you power level be 1,000,000,000,000

If your a Saiyan you can't go past Super Saiya-Jin1 at first.

Have fun
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