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Guest Falconite

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Guest kuroinuyoukai
[QUOTE=Falconite]I'm kinda new to this so please comment on my artwork
here's my dev gallery: [url]http://falconite.deviantart.com/[/url][/QUOTE]

How cute! Good job! I envy you -you definitely have better software than I do! :catgirl:
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Hmmm, I think it would be better if you are going to be making a thread about your artwork that you might as well link to particular pieces that you want to get responses to here. That way people don't have to search through the site and go through the trouble to finding stuff on their own. If you care about comments on DeviantArt and not about the expansion of this thread, then I'm afraid this topic is spam and all you're doing is plugging your site. :/ If you wanted to put your devArt site in your sig though, that's perfectly fine.
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