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Request Can anyone make me a banner out of one of these pics??????????????


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[color=royalblue][size=1]Wow, did you know that if you clicked invert, the angel picture looks more reasonable...? <-Katana's revelation of the day.

Well there, hello and welcome to the OtakuBoards. It roxor. = =;;

I had no plan. I liked the angel pic the best, so I did some blurring and light effects before making up the background. And since I had no idea what you wanted for text, I just put down the first thing in my head: somewhere. Teh weh. : P

Since you're a newbie, I wanted to make you feel special (XD). If you have a good banner, people tend to like you a bit more. I suggest trying to clean up your posts and then you're in business. (<-Doesn't mean to lecture but is stating the facts of life on the OB. - -;; )

If you'd like anything changed, feel free to ask.[/size][/color]
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[CENTER][SIZE=1]Hm. It's not as good as Katana's (I guess I'm a bit out of practice =P), but now you have two choices.

(I inverted it, too... Lol!)

Let me know if you need anything changed, or if you'd like a matching avatar.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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