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    I get bored really easily and have a REALLY short attention span especially when i'm hyper
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  1. Manga

    You can find episodes of it on both Youtube and Crunchyroll. I also recommend reading the manga its awesome =D
  2. Is there anyone that can make a banner out of one of these pictures? choose which ever one you want. THANK YOU :D :D ~stormsangel
  3. Okay I've got a few of those: Yu-Gi-Oh, I just like it don't know why, probably cause it's got to do with Ancient Eygpt and that subject fasinates me :animeswea Pokemon, I think I like this because i think the pokemon and their abilities are cool but I don't like the fact that it is just it is just the random adventures of a boy that has no brains what so ever Inyasha, but that's because one of my friends HATES it don't know why but she does Sailor Moon, i don't know why people hate it, cause i like it especially since it was one of the first animes i ever watched and it was the show that actually got me to try watching others, but after a while it got a little boring :sleep: Transformers, cause to me the show seems more for boys but i like it anyway :catgirl: DragonBallZ, well basically the same reason as Transformers, but this one i REALLY like :animeswea :catgirl: Well those are the animes that i was embaressed to say i actually liked
  4. Anime

    okay i've got a bit of a list cause in almost every anime i have ever watched i tend to get at least a crush on one of the guys in it :animeshy: .....okay here they are: Kai Hiwatari (Beyblades) i don't really know why but i think it was kinda because i was attracted to the fact that he was a bit of a loner like me :animeblus :animeshy: Atemu/Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh) cause he always seems a little confused when his not dueling especially about his past...i like him cause he always seems a little confused and sucks at showing his emotions like me Syaoron Li (CCS) don't know why but he looks cute when he blushes Megaman (MegamanNTWarrior) this i really don't know why i just automatically seemed to like him :animeswea :animeshy: those are all that i can remember right about now but i'll probably edit if i can remember any more
  5. Anime

    okay this is about Sailor Moon and u know how Serena (aka Usagi) and Darien (aka Mamoru) r paired up?????? well i was looking at some random info and found out that Serena was 14 and Darien was 18 ( i always thought Serena was at least 16 :animeswea , oh well) personally i think the difference in age is kinda weird for them to be paired up. tell me what u think
  6. Okay, i was wondering if anyone out there could make me a banner with any of the anime pictures that i've attached :catgirl: thanx
  7. Anime

    I got interested when i was about 8 turning 9 and some of my friends told me about watching Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors and Pokemon on Channel 10 :catgirl: so one time when i woke up early (i've always woken up at like 6:30-7:00 even when i was 6 yrs old) i was bored so i turned on the TV and Carcaptors was on and I really liked so yeah and then i went 2 Peru 2 visit my cousins there and well my oldest cousin Tania knew when animes were on on TV so i got 2 see more like DragonBallZ and stuff like that and then i wanted 2 find out my and i sorta well just kinda got into watching anime and then i found some manga books and i read some and that just got me more interested plus i also started paying the pokemon games on GameboyColour and then GameBoyAdvanceSP (weird but personally i think the games r better than the actual show).......well thats how i got into anime kinda weird and what i wrote makes no sense :animeswea but oh well
  8. Anime

    well i think yami yugi is hot and so is Kai Hiwatari, Inuyasha and Syaoron Li and yes me and my friends r always commenting on whther or not a certain anime guy is hot at one point me and one of my best friends both had a MAJOR crush on Atemu/Yami Yugi and we kinda still do :animeblus
  9. Anime

    one of the things that attarcts me 2 anime is the art its sooooooooo cool and it looks so simple except when u try 2 draw it u rarely succeed unless u're a really good drawer another reason is because unlike other cartoons its actually makes sense and often the small problems are solved usually by the end of the episode and plus it actually has a plot...cause some cartoon shows r just random adventures of the main character those r some of the reasons others well i'm not really sure why i like anime i just do the only reasons that actually make sense r the two i've said above :catgirl:
  10. i think they're pretty much even except if it came to a zoid battle between the two i'd say Van would win cause he has been able to fight without Zeek (nooooooo idea how to spell it) but also through out most of the series Van usually does have Zeek with him And Bit sometimes i reckon he wins thourgh just pure luck or because of his Liger i mean yeah his a good pilot and all but he has no brains what so ever he just charges into battle hoping his liger can win but overall i'd say they're prety much even :catgirl:
  11. Anime

    Since where i live deosn't have like cartoonnetwork and stuff like that i want more than just yu-gi-oh on it cause it gets really boring the ones i want on are: Card Captor Sakura cause i never got 2 see passed when Sakura had captured all the clow cards-I do know that she had to turn them into star cards or something but they don't eva show anime on normal tv anymore and it sucks :animecry: another is Inuyasha cause i went 2 a friends house and saw it and i really loved it and since i had to leave in the middle of it i really want 2 know what happens and also my cousin said its really good which just makes me want to see it more but ican't cause its not on normal tv :( :animecry: Sailor Moon is another i want 2 see on normal tv cause i want 2 see how reiny(i 'm not sure how 2 spell it) turns into Sailor Chibimoon and how and where they find Sailor Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune i think those r all in short i basically want any sort of anime other than yu-gi-oh (even though its an okay anime, it gets boring after a while :sleep: ) so 2 me any anime will do as long as its not DragonBallZ or Digimon cause i've seen practiclythe whole series of both millions of times
  12. Anime

    If i could become an anime character it would be one of these: Sakura (Card Captor Sakura) cause l love the fact that she can use the clow cards 4 anything and it would be soooooooo fun 2 be able to fly Zoe (Digimon: Spirit Evolution) cause she can change into a digimon and that would be soooooooooooo fun Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon) cause her attacks r soooo cool and it would be cool being able to use water like attacks Mai (Yu-gi-oh) cause shes a really good duelist and doesn't usually back down from a challenge though one thing i wouldn't like is that she likes joey>.< Atemu (yu-gi-oh) i know he's a guy :animeswea but he's such a good duelist, plus he was pharaoh and he can kick anyones butt in duel monsters Echizen Ryoma (The Prince of Tennis) yeah he's a guy as well but he is a killer player at tennis (i love that sport :animesmil ) and plus i also like the character and the fact that he is only 12 and a freak at playing tennis (oops i repeated myself :animeswea ) ummmmm......i think thats bout all 4 anime...4 manga: Urd (Oh My Goddess) she totally rocs and plus she isn't all mushy and kind 2 ever1 like belldandy Skuld (Oh My Goddess) cause she.....ummmmm i think its cause of the way she treats keiichi cause its soooooooo funny :catgirl: Misha (Pita Ten) cause i think it's funny how she is like stalking Kotaru and also because she can fly :catgirl:
  13. Anime

    [FONT=Verdana][COLOR=Indigo]:animeblus i'd go out with one of these anime guys: Kai Hiwatari (beyblades) Atemu/Yami Yugi (yu-gi-oh) Syaoron Li (Card Captor Sakura) Inuyasha (Inuyasha...well duh :animeswea ) Ryoma Echizen (Prince of Tennis) Al (Fullmetal Alchemist...i know he´s basically walking armor but i LOVE his personality :animeblus , though i do wonder what he´d look like with a human body :confused: ) those r the guys i'd possibly go out with if they existed...they're all really cute and plus its soooooooooooo cute when they blush^_^ :animeblus[/COLOR][/FONT]
  14. Anime

    [SIZE=4]I haven't seen many anime but the ones i have seen the boys r HOT :animesmil though i like Li from Card Captor Sakura[/SIZE]