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[size=1][color=royalblue]Also known as "Katana has too much free time on her hands".
The basic concept here is "What if products were made with the myOtaku branding and appealed to otaku?". This is more like an open project and gag center than anything else.
If this thread kicks-off, I'd like to add to not make fun of anybody else's designs. Remember, the whole concept is a little weird in the first place, so don't say "there's no such thing as a 15 megapixel camera!111!".
Have fun and be creative - that's what this is about.


[i][b]Sunday, November 20, 2005[/b]
Just in time for the holiday season, new brand "myOtaku" has appeared on the scene with a whole slew of products designed to appeal to anime and manga fans.

The company, somewhat led by the webmaster, Adam, is made up of the thousands of members of theOtaku.com's network. Special few have been selected to design the products before they are shipped off fifteen years into the future via the myOtaku-NERV transporter.

Kicking off the line-up of myOtaku's entrance into the tech field is the myOtaku-nexus, a multi-purpose media center whose main fuction is an mp3 player. The nexus's main competition, as seen in the follow image, is the iPod nano.[/i]

(Click to see full-sized image)

[i]Because the nexus's designer is under the age of eighteen, she is required by law to remain annonymous. That bites.
When asked to comment on the product, she says, "Well, the product you see in the image didn't turn out too well. It doesn't look that 3D. Unfortunately, we had the photoshoot before the product came back from the myOtaku-NERV transporter, so we had to substitue with the Photoshop file. But that's pretty much what you get." She then proceeded to burn down an Apple store.

Only time will tell if the nexus can outdo the huge demand for the nano, and just how well the public responds.[/i]


Have a product? Post it 'foo![/color][/size]
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