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Sign Up Aesir - The Final War of the Gods [M - LVS]

0ber0n the Neko

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The War of Fiorro, being a dominant conflict for thousands of years in the Fiorro Galaxy Sector, has just reached a new and more dangerous height.

The War itself, being very old, has seen many stages. The severity of these stages have followed an arms race pattern until the introduction of legendary armors known as the Aesir. Their power in combat was immeasurable compared to the existing Mobile Suit technology. However, those who owned these legendary armors had gone extinct many years ago...

You are a part of a team that has been assigned to retrieve these suits from various parts of the Fiorro sector. If you can find them, then your company's power will increase, and it is very likely that you will be victorious in the overall conflict.

Additionally, there are similar tomes that speak of another type of power... the mysterious Vanir suits.

But isn't it strange that all those civilizations before you had been destroyed?


These are the selectable races for your character. PM me if you want to add your own, but it is not advised.

Human: The humans have outlasted many years during the conflict, but have grown scarce since their homeworld, Earth, was destroyed by the Horde.

Mahrim: A race of humanoid cat-people who have replaced Humans as the dominant species in the Fiorro sector. They are, individually, very quick, and skillful users of all kinds of light weaponry, but as a whole, are somewhat hesitant to fight.

Gahtem: A race of large, powerful humanoids, who are often compared to humans, except they are larger and have darker skin. Their eyes also glow in the dark, signifying their capability to see in complete darkness.

Dreyii: A race of extreme variance. Their people are large insectoids with as many types of people as there were bugs on earth. Brilliant strategists, and exceptional magic users. They own much of the text that was written about Aesir.

NON-PLAYABLE RACES (except by request)

Draaki: Very much like the Dreyii, but much more violent and powerful, with less grasp of magic. They are the driving force behind the conflict, and it was their forces that laid waste to the Human territories of Fiorro.

Naga: Snakelike humanoids from another sector. Their cunning and skill in magic makes them a deadly, but scarce force to reckon with.


United Fiorro Emerates: The opponents of the Horde, and the freedom fighters of the Fiorro sector.

Horde: Imperial Absolutists with a lands claim in Fiorro that has increased due to warring with the United Fiorro Emerates.

United Trade Federation: A force not to be reckoned with. they tend to shift sides on a whim, in order to insure their company's safety in the new paradigm.

Independent Faction: A faction that, observing its name, is independent in its alignment from the UFE, but not in ideals. Most Earth Humans have joined this faction. (what might make this easier is if everyone is on the same ship)


Aesir must have the name, and similar attributes of a Norse Aesir God. Bear in mind that these are not truly machines, but they are ORGANIC (So, it's not like Gundam, it's like Escaflowne). They are also human-sized, and boarded by, in essence, fusing with it. Include it in the Sign up. (Odin is off limits. Don't worry. He'll come later.)


Your sign up must include:

NAME: Self Explanatory.
AGE: Also Self Explanatory.
SEX: Hint: "Yes, please" is not the correct answer.
RACE: (See above)
FACTION: (See above)
SHIP: (What is the name/specs of your starship)
RANK: (What is your character's rank?)

Hair: (If any)
Skin Color:
Favorite Color:
What they wear:
Brief Description of anything i might have missed:

WEAPON STYLE: (If Applicable)
CHARACTER POWERS: (Any magical inclination this character has should be mentioned here)
AESIR: (You can choose an Aesir, but it will come to you later.)

DO NOT INCLUDE A BIOGRAPHY! This is mentioned in passing or during reminiscence sessions DURING the RP. This makes things more interesting, and less rigid.


NAME: Tanis Reich

AGE: 27

SEX: Male

RACE: Human

FACTION: Independent Faction

SHIP: "The Valkyrie" is a swift vessel with high-powered plasma cannons and the starship standard, hyperdrive. His most powerful weapon is a secret, and its use yields no survivors.

RANK: Captain, once Admiral.


Eyes: Red

Hair: Long and Shadow Black

Skin Color: Pale White

Favorite Color: Orange

Personality: A somewhat cold and ruthless man, and a former member of the UFE. He was, and is the commander of the ship "The Valkyrie". Not much is known of his past, except that his smile is the harbinger of victory.

Clothing: A long black coat with a red fabric inside. He wears dark sunglasses unless he is in a battle situation.

WEAPON OF CHOICE: When he isn't commanding an Aesir or a batallion, he uses a large array of sharp blades that are hidden on various parts of his body. He also wields a long blade. However, he would rather command a thousand men than a thousand blades.

WEAPON STYLE: He supposedly does not have a particular style, but it is said that when he fights, he has "The ruthlessness of the horde, and the precision of an assasin."

CHARACTER POWERS: None are apparent, save for his inherent skill in commanding large amounts of people.

AESIR: Tyr. The Aesir is what appears to be a hollow suit of battle blackened armor. It has a long sword on its back, with a long knife at its hip. Its left hand, which is the only missing piece, can spout a battleaxe that can melt through most metals. His Aesir's power is its incredible strength.

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Shadow Walker

[B]Age:[/B] 36

[B]Sex:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Gahtem

[B]Faction:[/B] United Fiorro Emerates

[B]Ship:[/B] "The Dagertail" It's a large, lean ship designed for quick but powerful blows. It has a standard hyper drive and laser turrets. It also carrys one Ion Cannon, for final devestating attacks.

[B]Rank:[/B] 1st Sergent

[B]Eyes:[/B] White

[B]Hair:[/B] none

[B]Skin Color:[/B] Black

[B]Favorite Color:[/B] Green

[B]Personality:[/B] Shadow is calculating and cold, he trust his senses and instincts then anyones word. His trust his hard to earn and he can be abit of a hardass at times but he is a kind person when they know him better.

[B]What they wear:[/B] He wears a black shirt and black pants.

[B]Brief Description of anything i might have missed:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/Nightwalker.jpg] This is what he looks like.[/url]

[B]WEAPON OF CHOICE:[/B] Either his bare hands or a Samurai sword crafted to fit his size and strength and sits on his right side.

[B]WEAPON STYLE:[/B] Bushido

[B]CHARACTER POWERS:[/B] A small grasp of Shadow magic that he picked up from a Dreyii, turns shadows into what he needs or uses them to travel undetected. Only able to create small obejcts, still is learning the technique.

[B]AESIR:[/B] Loki, it is a suit that is a combination of red and black. Random areas covered in the red or black, a greatsword lies on the left hip. It's knuckles are tipped with short, thick spikes. Its heels have a metal stud on them for a stronger kick. It's power amplifies his shadow magic greatly.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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