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Writing Your favorite fanfic or story? [G-PG]


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Hey, just wondering what is your fave story or fanfic... My fave so far has got to be the beginning to Takuya's RPG, Digimon Immersion. I'm also a fan of Yamisui and CoLoR Me EvIl... :animeswea

Others... Well, the people in my signature explain alot. Anyamae, Nuriko, ShortSilly16 are all pretty favorible fanfic writers. We still don't have Anyamae though... :animecry:

These few names, you should probably look up, because their work is great. Highly recomended.

Takuya Good & Bad points: Takuya can take an anime and turn it into his own world, without breaking the physics of the original story. Even if he is such a great fanfic writer, he only does RPGs from what I've seen...

Yamisui: She tells a great story, but makes it a long one! Rarely enters the Otaku...

CoLoR Me EvIl: Tells good romantic stories about Animes. She curses too much in the story though! Almost too much for PG rating!

Anyamae: Tells short, good stories, but sometimes confuses the readers, and piles her stories up, with too much info in one paragraph.

Nuriko: Tells good anime fanfics, but sometimes needs to give just a lil' more detail.

ShortySilly16: Good stories, but doesn't really spell correctly. Spells wrong alot actually, but her stories are still great!

Well? Your faves?
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