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Request Outlaw Star Banner

Kenshin DX

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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy]Hello there!! I made your banner, but I didn't use the thumbnail you provided, so I hope that's okay...>.<;;

Anyways, I found a really good Gene picture, so I used that. Without futher ado, here ish the banner that I made:


I made it a little 3D and I kinda used different things to darken and lighten it. I didn't know what you wanted for the text, so I put your user name and the words, "It's tough being a bounty hunter..." on it, which I also 3D too. And, on Gene's gun on the right, I added a little sparkle to it because I thought it would be really cool. Go Gene!! XD

Anyways, if you need help with how to put it in your signature or if you would want me to change anything, please PM or tell me, okay??

I hopes you likes it and I wouldn't be dissapointed if you didn't use it. I'm new at this, so it's not all that great, but, hey, I tried.

Sayonara!! *bows* XD[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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