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[B][U]The Ronin[/B][/U]

Nemuri Tora (Mugen)
Tsutsu Ninnishi (Apherion)
Aoshi Kazami (sand dragon 19)
Pao Li Fei (Goddess)
Tenshi Ayo (Kitty)
Keiwaro Bashi (0ber0n The Nek0)
The Mercenaries[/U][/B]

Sakura Chiméiteki (Sakura)
Zhou Tao (Unborn Lord Xion)
Drake Ashton (Retribution)
Shiori Nada (Asahai)
Delano Jeffreyson (Wraith)
The Unknown Mercenary (to be announced)[/center][/color]

This is just a thread concerning the RPG, [B]Ronin[/B]. If anyone has any concerns about the RPG or wish to discuss the stories future, then please post here. Enjoy.

- Mugen[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=Navy]I was wondering what the Mercenaries are supposed to be doing, since you only talked about the Ronin. Like are we supposed to do Fillers until we meet up and battle? Once I have that information then I'll make a post, either that or I'll follow someone else's post.[/COLOR]
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[font=Trebuchet MS]So sorry, but your thread lacks a [b]rating[/b], which is required even here in the Underground. Due to orders of the powers-that-be, I am obliged to close this thread. Keep in mind, however, that you can re-create this thread [b]with[/b] its appropriate rating. Make sure to read the stickies located conveniently on the top of each forum, as well as the rules.

[img]http://www.otakuboards.com/images/liquid/statusicon/thread_lock.gif[/img] [b]Thread Closed.[/b]
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