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Writing Your OC *original character* in your favorite anime...


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Have you ever made up an OC and put them in your favorite anime? Some fanfic writers *like me* like to do that and make the story interesting. I have too many OC's to name, but here's one that I'm working on now for s-CRY-ed:

Holly Ururei
5 foot 4
Alter: Musica

Holly is an Alter user that was born on the Lost Ground, but moved to the Mainland before she was 1. Her family is famous for their talent in music. She is no exeption. She's excells great at the piano, mostly. She's also very good at singing. Wanting to join HOLY, she gets on a plane. But it ends up crashing, throwing her from the plane; into the cold, wintery weather outside. Nearly freezing to death, she meets Ryuhou and Tachibana. And then, her whole world changes. She joins HOLY and wears the guys uniform, since she's strictly against wearing a skirt.

Her personality is pretty much laid-back. She mostly just lays around HOLY HQ and listens to her CD player. She calls Ryuhou her "old brother" since something tragic happened to her real one...And she annoys Ryuhou the most. Since she knows she can get away with almost everything, she messes with Ryuhou. A lot. When she's started onto something, she won't stop. When she gets ticked off, she uses her Alter to form a musical weapon in her hand and bring it down on Ryuhou's head. :animeswea Actually, anyone's head. It's mostly a guitar, like Haruko in FLCL. Sometimes, she even uses a piano!!

Her Alter, Musica, deals a lot with music. It's first form is like a chibi person; a short, stout body and spheres for hands. It's basic attack is "Sonic Blast" It can also form a piano or any intrument in Holly's hands and let her play different songs for different effects. Musica's second form is a huge, person-ized sound system. It has the head, arms, and legs of it's first form, but it's body is made of speakers. Now, "Sonic Blast" has turned into "Bass Blast". This form can even render an opponent deaf for a couple of minutes! Also, using a particular song, Holly can use Musica to control a person's Alter. But this takes a lot of energy.

She has a crush on Asuka Tachibana. (When I created her, I completely forgot about Cammy and forgot to add her in!! So, now it's TachibanaxHolly. So sorry!! ^^;;) Holly calls him "Tachibana-kun" or "Tachi-kun". She's very fond of him, since he saved her life when he was nearly frozen; even though Ryuhou found her. Holly can also amplify Tachibana's Alter, so that he can use his Eternity Eight to look into people's minds. It takes a lot of effort in both of them to use this ability.

Her main goal: To make everyone happy. Which means to put Ryuhou and Mimori together. She uses a lot of methods to ensure this; mostly threats towards Ryuhou. :animeswea Holly sets up dates, then spies on them to make sure they go well. Holly also has help from the other members at HOLY. But, her goal to make everyone happy doesn't come without a price. Holly is willing to risk her life to make everyone happy. Of course, she gets many disagreements from a lot of people; especially Ryuhou and Tachibana.

Holly is really strong. When she was 6, she ran away from home and ran into an old kendo sensei. She trained for 3 years and came out an excellent fighter. Especially at hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship. She can lift up Ryuhou and throw him across the room! She can also lift and carry a lot of objects at a time; even people. Once, she had to carry an unconscious Ryuhou AND Tachibana at the same time!!

Basic info: She has short, blonde hair and blue eyes. Holly always wears a neckalce that has a cross on it; the cross is a dark grey with a dark red mixed in with it. When she summons Musica's first form, a strip of her hair is dyed black. When Musica is in it's 2nd form, her whole head of hair is striped with black bars; like on a page of music.

I hope that wasn't too much info...Well, what are some of your guy's OC's??

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Wow. Yeah, I'm guilty of putting in my own charaters. Dreaming to actually be in the anime...or is that just me. Here's my main OC:

Name: Kyru Windwaker
hair: balck, waist long. Silver bangs line her face.
eyes: ice blue with a dark blue rim around the iris.
Personality: Kyru is childish most of the time. She has two main modes 1) bitch 2) blonde. sometimes she goes somewhere in the middle. Kyru is loyal to those close to her and will do anything for their safety.
other: Kyru is one of the three WInd sisters (see stories on fanfic for more details. author names: KattKyru and Insane Creator) She is half wolf demon, her mother being the demon. She shares her father with a half cat demon, Katt Riverwind, and a half fox demon, Austi Windwhisper.
As a child, before she met Katt and Austi, Kyru was ignored because of her abnormal features. She has a tail and ears of a wolf. She was not excepted by the demons because she is part human and the humans shuned her because she was half demon. Because of this she tries to stay away from people.

sorry for writing so much. let me know, though, if you want to know more.
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I've made up a few OC's - they can be fun to manipulate. I don't really write a lot of fanfiction cause I don't see anything substancial in it apart from it being a bit of fun. I've written a few in the past but I've deleted them all - ones that were up to 300 pages as well. I get very bored.

One I'm currently working on for Angel Sanctuary has an intresting blend of characters. So far I've made up three, but two are sort of *not* original characters - but I don't want to give anything away.

[b]Name:[/b] Ayame (real name is Cherilynn)

[b]Age:[/b] Unknown - appears to be in her late twenties

[b]Bio:[/b] Unstable past, her memory has deteriorated due to the medicines she took to keep her mental state balanced. I researched her psychosis and have based her personality around it - detatched, spontaneous and at times incoherent. Her social skills are zero to none and her emotions uncontrollable and exaggerated. Despite this she appears bland and personality-less. Her fighting skills are superb because of her lack of fear and inability to calculate consequences. Unfortunetly this also means she can overestimate her limitations with near-fatal results.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Unkept and mostly unnattractive. Her blonde hair is knotted and although her violet eyes can be striking, they are dull and lifeless. She measures about 6'5 and has a clumsy appearance because of her unbalanced and non-feminine build.


[b]Name:[/b] (undecided)

[b]Age:[/b] Late teens, early twenties (again undecided)

[b]Bio:[/b] She's been raised in Ireland as an orphan, but has had a happy past. A musician of sorts, her main passion is the acoustic guitar. She does sing and has had lessons but her voice is normal - it's her guitar skill that's extraordinary. In the presence of some she can be shy, but she is quick to warm up and is a person who gives her love freely. Her imperfections lie within her very compassion - her attatchments make her vulnerable and she can be impulsive and do things without thinking. She is also very opinionated and will defend her views in any way she can. (her personality is as yet still unfinished)

[b]Appearance:[/b] Black hair, green eyes, pale skin and freckles. Her figure is plain - the sort that comes between a UK size 10-12. To some she's attractive, others don't see much in her, it's mainly her personality that draws people.

Yeah I'm done, I can't be bothered to type anymore.
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Well, once upon a time I was writing a Tales of Symohinia fanfic, but it didn't get much publicity. It had a few charachters that were introduced:

Name: Klein

Age: -

Hair - Spikey and orange

Eyes: Red

Appearance: Average height, wears black version of Kratos' Judgement outfit (any fans in here?)

Info: Klein is a kind of ancient technology robot who was built to continue the plans of the main villain incase he was defeated. He is on a mission to kill the all the governmental figures and get a war started and will take power among the confusion.

Name: Shion

Age: 4

Hair: Medium length, silver

Eyes: blue

Appearance:[IMG]http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b269/MetalSonic700/tos1_clip_image001_0002.jpg[/IMG] This took hours to edit.

Info: Shion is the daughter of Lloyd and Raine (two of the chrachters from the game who got married). She wastp [rove important to the story later on, but as I said I lost interest due to lack of publicity.

Name: Mithos

Age: 2

Hair: Long spikes, brown

Eyes: Brown

Appearance: [IMG]http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b269/MetalSonic700/ll.jpg[/IMG] Bad pic

Info: The second child of Lloyd and Raine. Named after one of he charachters from ToS [spoiler]who died.[/spoiler]
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I've done that tons of times but i manly put my charater in DBZ

[COLOR=Blue]Name:[/COLOR] Jessica Nila Gero (but perfers to be called Jay)

[COLOR=Blue]Age:[/COLOR] Same as future Trunks

[COLOR=Blue]Birthday:[/COLOR] same as future trunks but an hour older

[COLOR=Blue]Family Info:[/COLOR] Dr. Gero's grand dauther. Her parents are Jalo Gero (100% human), who is just like his father when it comes to technolgy but dosn't care of ruling the world. her mother Drusila is 100% Özgion ( look be low to leanr more of this race), who dreams on ruleing the world and destorying all sayians.

[COLOR=Blue] Jay's Info:[/COLOR] Jay is a clone of her mother but is only half Özgion half human. She is created to hunt down and destoy every living thing with sayian blood in it. For five years she is isolated for the outsided world , being taught how to kill for her mother and technolg info form her father. one day something gose wrong and her home is destoyed. she wakes up to find she is the only one at lived. after a few day on her own she runs into Gohan and Trunks sparing in a field. They take her home to Bulma and that be come her new home. When trunks decides to go back in time Jay gose with him to kill her mother and let her past self have a better life. Along with Trunks and Jay ,Telisa (trunks and Jay's futurer duather) gose along with them ( telisa and Jay don't get along very well because it foces jay to belive she will one day tell trunks how she feels)
During the cell games instead of trunks geting killed jay dose. trunks beat to a pulp but in the end gohan still kills cell.

[COLOR=Blue]Abiltys:[/COLOR] smell what breed living things are: can prediked when things can happen, and is the gurdan of time.

[COLOR=Blue]Fears and secerts:[/COLOR] she fears being alone (thats why she share the same room with trunks) , and has a crush on Trunks.

[COLOR=Blue]Özgion history:[/COLOR] The Özgion lived on a planet right by planet Vegeta. The sayains and Özgion hated each other. They fought for many years until Freeza showed up.
The hatered runs deeper than blood. What the sayains did not know is that Jays grandmother is the one who told Freeza to kill all sayians but then Freeza turned around and killed the Özgions too. Jay's mother was the last remaining Özgion. when she cam back from a trip she found her planet destoyed and though the sayians did it. She vowed to do what ever it took to get revenge.

I have Jay in many Anime but she live in DBZ

[SIZE=4][COLOR=Red]For more Info on Jay please P.M. me[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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