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Discuss Aros Inc. Underground (Mature rpg: VL, possible s)


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Alright this thread will be mainly for discussing the rpg thread in all it's happenings, and to explain a few extra things on the side that didn't make the "Timeline" in the story.

Polution from vehicles is almost null and void, the world having switched over to Hydrogen powered vehicles. This is not to say that pollution doesn't exist, fires rage, garbage piles up to the skies, though they have new disposal techniques that are taking the edge off of these problems, they are only just in the beggining stages of development, and only time will tell if they go into full producivity.
Both of these projects are funded by Aros Inc., surprising to some yes. why would a tyrannical power want to clean things up like that? The Aros Inc. executives feel what's the point of controlling a ruined, uninhabitable world? Instead of having a dead planet, they want a vibrant, thriving world in which to play their deadly games.

also, any factions that you would like to come up with for your character can be posted here. Please describe what their goal is, general strength in numbers, and their methods of fighting. only four new factions will be allowed. You can also pm your ideas to me if you like

If any of you have ideas or suggestions, please feel free to post them on this thread. I will give serious consideration to your ideas, as long as none of the rules laid down are violated.
This thread of course, is also to discuss the story itself. Enjoy!


These are the particulars of Dr. Katherin Ross, sorry it took me a while to put this up...

[SIZE=1]Name: Katharine Ross
Classification: Cyber replacement
Nickname/Codename: Sleeper
Age: 33
Sex: female
Physical Description: Dr. Ross stands at 5'5, and weighs 123 lbs. Her grey eyes are almost always shielded with black specks, and her silky, waist length brown hair dances with her every step. Her bookish nature is revealed by her pale skin, she's always studying, and is never without her datapad, or trusted pen.
Her favored attire is her white Lab coat, though outside of the office, for the sake of social graces, she dones a white fur coat that hangs to the back of her ankles.

Mental stability: Focused to a fault. to most people, this presents her as the Ice Queen, of Ice queens, when in actuality, it's her passion to study, research, create, and Bring Down Aros Inc. that compells her to focus every aspect of her being

Personallity: Always the bookish girl, even at a young age. She's rarely seen without a datapad, research notes, and a wireless link to Aros research facilities. Nobody suspects the fiery passion that the woman has for science and for the total Annihilation of the Aros company. for those that can get this woman away from her work, she's the light in the darkness, the greatest joy that one can know and have .The kindest women one can ever know in their lifetime.

Occupation: In charge of one of Aros Inc.'s many experimental researrch departmants, and by far, one of the most succesfull. she had access to nearly all of Aros's facilities.
cybernetics: Memory enhancements, though processing enhancments, Nerve dampner (steadie's her hands while she works) and a nureual link with her facilities mainframe
Faction: Aros Inc./Caladbolg
weapons: ... weapons? how crude...
Background: Dr. Katherin Ross was born in Berlin. Her parents were one of the few that were able to struggle their way up the financial ladder past the other poor of the world. And as such, they wanted the best for their little newborn girl. They began paying for a tutor for her almost immeadiately after her third birthday, pushing her to excel far better than the other children her age.
At seven years old, she was attending one of the finest, and most priveliged private schools, on the Moon. She looked around, seeing all the good that the mighty and just Aros Inc. Had done for the human race. She excelled at her studies, testing at a genius level in science and mathematics that was beyond most senior highschoolers.
she graduated at thirteen years old, and returned to earth, to finish her studies in advanced cybernetics design. She was aghast at the state of the world she returned to: piles of garbage as tall as buildings, some even in between buildings. Reports of murder, rape and open revolution in some areas. She witnessed a different side of the Aros company as they violently put down a riot right in front of her. A young man, two years younger than her actually, slumped in front of her, his right arm was missing, she dragged him off into an alleyway, her terrified eyes never able to leave the growing blank stare in his. He whispered only one thing to her:
"I...I'm Isen-Isendholdt" she ran the rest of the way home, tears streaming down her face. Her studies resumed for another seven years, she achieved her masters degree, and was going for her doctorate when a young man with a cybernetic limb showed up at her doorstep, she gasped when he spoke:
"I was never able to thank you, you actually saved me ma'am. I'm Isendholdt." They talked for hours inbetween her school work, and she learned everything she could about isendholdt, and eventually swore to help the young man in his families quest to destroy the Company Aros Inc., from within. She continued her studies, and made her graduating project, a prototype, strength enhancing cyberarm, more advanced than anything that Aros had put on the market. She was hired on almost immeadiately.[/SIZE]
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Well I shall be first to respond, Of course you know my background I gave in the signup.

However I guess I would be closest to the faction of Caladbolg, however my direction for Noir would be to join Caladbolg after something arises to where she needs protection or some sort. Anyone in this Rp is free to message me whenever

I have a question for you Swordsaint, I would like to ask you if Noir's pro can have something to do with someone from Aros...of course since her father was murdered, someone in Aros must have some information to that particular situation

If you need anything from me to advance the story let me know

Via email or messages.
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Another question that had come up and a good one at that:

What is the current form of currency in these days?

the answer is Credits! not origional I know, but it's the best I ccould come up with and it works, it's quick, simple and there's no hassle over something this little. any more questions to send them to me, and you'll have your answer here.
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