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Sign Up 1 Year to Freedom -- Lifetime Confusion (M-SLV)


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[SIZE=1][I]Anneke! Wake up, child!"
Anneke abruptly sat up in bed, to see her mom poking her head in at the door.
"Mummy, it's a saturday, what are you waking me up for?"
"Phone. It's your friend. He says he wants to plan a senior prank. Get up and talk to him," Anneke's mother said.
Anneke grumbled, and got the phone. She hated morning phone calls.[/I][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Ok, this is my first RPG that I've ever created, so don't kill me! I was going to write a short story with this, but decided that I'd do it as an RP, as opposed to leave my other project unfinished. It's supposed to be about a bunch of teenagers, in a border town in Texas, called Puerta al Cielo, meaning 'door to heaven.' To them, this place is hell. They aren't your 'normal' kids. In their school, Calderon High, they have two major groups, the kids who are like the all-American type of kids, with perfect grades, always involved, and everyone thinks that they're great. The other group is what Anneke and her friends secretly call the 'Rocker Community,' with all sorts of kids, ranging from 'punks' to 'goths' to 'nerds' to others who don't even classify themselves. Anneke and her friends make average grades, sometimes flunking a class or two, and they party, but they only invite close friends. The two groups intermingle quite a bit, as most of the time there is no hatred or spite between them. The storyline is about a bunch of high school kids who are seniors, just starting the school year, and they want to make this year the best year of high school, as it will probably be their last year all together with each each other. They want to pull a senior prank, and they want to have one last big party together, before they branch out and eventually forget about each other in the real world. Drugs, sex, and a wee bit of violence are quite allowed and somewhat encouraged, as you can see in the rating.

Here's what I'm asking for on your sign-up sheets:
Age (17 - 19, unless you're on the early graduation plan, then you can be 16, but I have a limit of 2 people for this)
Personality (mean, nice, icy, warm-hearted, mellow, hyper, you get the point)

[COLOR=Teal]Name: Anneke (ann-eek) Amenity
Age: 17
Appearance: Anneke is a bit short, with a toned body, and she has a rhino piercing. She is caucasian, and she dyes her hair black. Well, actually, she dyes her hair whatever colour she wants. Her natural hair colour is a dark-ish strawberry blonde, and her eyes are a jade green colour, but turn blue grey-ish green when she gets really depressed or angry. She dresses goth sometimes, and other times she dresses in jeans and tees, as well as also liking to dress very business.
Personality: Anneke is very strange. She's a bit bi-polar, and can take things really wrong. Most of the time, though, she is very warm-hearted and perhaps cares too much. When she does get really upset, though, she can be a big ball of emotions, and she will cry an ocean of tears. She always tries to lend a shoulder or an ear to a friend in need, and can be quite hyper when she gets excited.
Anneke's mother divorced her father and ended up staying with her brother-in-law, as they had become very close, developing a very strong friendship. Anneke despises her father, who lives in Illinois. She loves to step, as she is on the step team. She's also into boxing, and she loves to write poetry, songs, and short stories. She desires to become an author someday. She smokes cigarettes and occasionally smokes Mary J., and drinks sometimes on the weekends.[/COLOR]

Rules: please try to post at least once a day, use correct punctuation, and try to make the dialogue real. I'm not much for spelling and grammar, but try to keep the spelling adequate. Your grammar doesn't have to be magnificent, but it needs to be understandable. I'm not asking for scholarly posts.[/SIZE]
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