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Sign Up The Realms: Rebirth [M-VS]

Box Hoy

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Peace can last only so long...

In these times were everything seems to be sublime, there is always conflict just around the bend.

Twentie two years ago the universe was in complete and total turmoil. A darkness was spreading rapdily, killing.

And only one marvelous weapon stood in the way of it. This weapon was hidden beyond in the realms of Myrith, the core of the whole universe.

A small band of warriors sought to regain control of the universe and bring peace back.

That story ended like any other fairy tale, ending with the sun rising upon a happily ever after...

Not all secrets were revealed however. We must once again open our minds to impossibility. For old shadows lurk still, gaining power.


Alright so there's some background for you, the general plot of the Realms series (Realm of Reality, Imagination, and Infinite) and small little bit of what we've gotta accomplish here.

In the realms series, the villain was an immortal named Hawk, who was obsessed with destroying the entire universe. He came close also. The final battle, was fought within the mechanical alter universe, which structured the real universe.

Hawk met his doom there, and than there was peace.

They thought they had wiped his existence from the face of the immortal worlds and the entire universe. But unfortanatly, that was not the case for there still lays an egg within the alter universe.

This egg, is the key to bringing back an old darkness.

Here's what I need.

Name: (anything is good except like average named you here in your everday life)
Age: (anything under 22)
Description: (a pic would be nice but it's not required)
Background: (where was your character in the past 22 years)
Special Abilities:

I'll post mine when I see some sign ups here.
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