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Anime Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden


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It's refreshing to see someone say that a 2001 series is "fairly new." I'm not being sarcastic, either. Gives me a little jolt of confusion every time I hear stuff like RahXephon or Noir being called old.

So, what makes this different from the rest of the maid anime out there? I still have a vestigial interest in Mahoromatic, although I've been spoiled for its apparently shocking ending multiple times.

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Mahoromatic has actually been one of my favorites for a couple years now. I love the emphasis they put on the developement of the characters as well as the relationships between various characters (especially between suguru and mahoro) and coming from gainax i would expect no less. But probably what i like the most is how the series can be very emotional, but also very comical at the same time and also throw in some decent action here and there. And like dagger mentioned, the ending really caught me off guard.

another great perk is that Mahoro is voiced by one of my favorite Seiyuu's, Kawasumi Ayako.
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