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[color=#333333][CENTER]Welcome to the Crystal Warriors underground. This is where I will explain the chapters with much more detail and out of character (of course). You guys can also use this as a place to talk out of character what you're going to do and yadda yadda.

So, in the first chapter, 'The prophesized... four?', we introduced our four warriors. In your first posts, you'll be introducing your characters to eachother and making your way to the nearby forest, Vedalia Forest.

Let everyone post once over before you make your way for Vedalia Forest. Also, there will be no fighting or even seeing monsters yet. You can encounter anything else, though.

Any questions will be asked here. Have fun![/CENTER][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#006aaf]Relax Retri. I don't know if anyone's posting this second, but most of us are probably trying to get to it. I've been busy with family visits and homework (even though it's frickin' winter break!) and I had to finish my history in the sign up, which I just got to yesterday. I'll post by the 2nd of January at the latest, though I'm sure I'll have plenty of time tonight and tomorrow.

And I agree with you. This is an awesome idea, and I hope it doesn't die because of lack of participation.[/color][/size]
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