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Evangelion-a new genesis [sign up]


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ooc: dammit, I shoulda done this earlier....

At the polar ice caps, a bright light can be seen, an eskimo medicine man looks at it from a distance, and the light begins to grow, and suddenly, a huge creature is spawned, consuming the whole area, it makes a sudden screech, and explodes (btw, this is the angel, adam) a huge earthquake engulfed the earth, the polar ice caps melted, storms and floods occured in every city, half the world's population have been wiped out, the second impact, has occured....

21 years later....

[a huge geofront exists in tokyo 3, nerv base lies there, as they complete the final stages of their project]

worker: commander Ghala, we have almost completed the last eva, and we have located most of the children

ghala: excellent work, tell Yuriko to find them, and to bring them here to me, the angels will be returning, we have found the 3rd angel on radar, it will be arriving here in a matter of hours

worker: hours?! yes sir, right on it!

[the worker runs out of the room]

ghala: a dark day...for mankind, occured 21 years ago, lets hope we can stop there becoming a 3rd impact....

to be continued....


ok, here's how it goes, you can either be a student capable of piloting an EVA, or a NERV personnel worker, bring yourself into the story somehow....

Name: Sephiroth
Age: 20
Appearance: long grey hair, black clother, black trenchcoat
Bio: dark and gloomy, is said to possess great unknown skills, is a student at the Yamuchi school

proceed to the proper thread and post....
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Name: Kevin Le
Age: 17
Appearance: 6'4" 120 lbs. Black hair and brown eyes. Wear black clothing (sometime just a black flightsuit)
Bio: Raise by his grandfather. The student with a great future and skill as a warrior and pilot. Most of the time he keep to himself and not very social.
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Name: Metal Forte
Age: 16
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 132 LBS
Appearance: Thick Black around his entire body, except for his head.
Bio: He is an ex assassin. He was trained in the karate form of Panzer Kunst. He is a smart and wise person, hang around him too much and he will rub off on you...
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Name:Oroko Saki
Weight:162 lbs
Appearence:Blue Skateboard t-shirt with light brown shorts and fingerless gloves.His hair is blonde covered by his hat.oh yeah he has a skateboard too.
Bio:A Pro Skater from north Japan,he uses his skateboard for protection on the streets...besides his bodyguards.
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Name: Amber
Age: 14
Appearance: Shoulder lengh dirtyblonde/blonde hair, green/blue eyes.
Bio: an EVA pilot in training, can get a bit frustrated with her EVA, a bit stuck up at times wanting to be the best EVA pilot ever, but knows it'll never happen ^^;;
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