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Request King Of bandit jing avatar and signature


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Hi i wana request a king of bandit jing signature and avatar. I would be very greatfull and happy ^^ we all know u want that xD.


[color=teal](picture was deleted due to size and because it wouldn't load completely)

EDIT:[/color] frogot to say can it say on banner "That i would like to steal the wants and desires that live in our hearts" Love that qoute from anime hehe :D

[color=teal]If you forget to add something, or want to change something you did, you can always use the Edit button at the bottom of your posts. Double posting is against the rules, so I suggest you read through the rest to see if there is anything else you missed as well. ;) -Syk3[/color]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Huzzah! Here is your banner and avatar set of Jing! Jing is so flipping awesome, so I had fun making these. =D I just learned how to make lines, so on all the banners I've made so far, they have these cool lines on them. I'm so excited!! XD

Anyways, here they are!!



The avatar is normal, as usual, so it's not all that exciting. For the banner, I used a few filters, brushes and colors to make it look as it is. I think it's pretty awesome. I put the quote that you wanted in it too, so everything's okay now. :D

Anyways, if you want anything changed, just post in this thread and tell me so. Hopes you like it! n.n

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