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Gaming Glitch in Donkey Kong 64 O_o;;


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hey, I was just playing Donkey Kong 64 on my N64, and I found some sort of a glitch O_o;;

when you go to beat the first boss; that armadillo thing, throw 20 TNT barrels at the boss when it is curled up. when you done that, it explodes, and your left fighting its fireball things that were on it side! they fly around with wings! ...............but I haven't figured out how to bet them yet.............indeed, very weird. :smoke:
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Hey dudes, U think I found another sort of glitch o.O;;

Once you've done that other glitch above, and your fighting the two bazookas with the wings, run around in circles a few times. Then grab a barrel, and throw it at the wall exactly 10 times (any part of the wall). If you've done this correctly, the wall should smash open into a little tunnel. If you go through it, you finish that level without beating the bazookas!! I don't know, but it could work with the armadillo aswell, never tried that early though.

Try it, pretty cool if you ask me. o.O;;
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