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Writing Dance of Knives [PG-13]


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An eternal drift on winds of time;
sheds light on my life's crime.
Hot blooded passion and sexual craze;
for two seconds, an infinite faze.
Selling my soul the question pops up.
To live, and let live, or cut my lover up.
Perhaps in time I will accept who I am.
I am a new age killer all the way around.
All through my life, even when I'm in the ground.
Death a magic trick with the illusion of life.
There can't be anything after all this strife.
Too many questions, too much shit,
so many hells that my mind flips.
A never ending escape a drop to far.
A life always ending,
A murder always pending.
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This was pretty good, better than yoyr other one I'd say. I like the concept and your choice of words, but the rhyme scheme, while unique, bugs me. Perhaps it's just me, but I find it very confusing when you change it up like that. Perhaps if it were seperated into stanzas it would be easier to read.
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