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Gaming I gotta a couple questions for you.


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1-2-3 Here we go!

1. What is the most awesome game you've played recently?

2. What game were you really excited about and then let down by once you played it? How would you have made it better?

3. What two characters (video game, anime, or comic book) would you mash together to create an amazing new video game? Where would it take place? Who would be the ultimate bad guy?

Looking forward to your answers!
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1. For me, that would be Gun. It was a great game, tons of fun, just way too short.

2. Fable. As with Gun, it was just way too short. I would have done the obvious to make it better, I would have made it a bit longer than it was.

3. Hmm, I really don't know about this one. A Mario/Sonic team up would be cool. A game based on Freddy v.s Jason would be really great if done correctly. There are tons of possibilities.
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1. [I]Halo 2[/I] because i've played hundreds of the new games but all of them seem to be dull and repetitive.[I] Halo [/I] [I]2's [/I] graphics, storyline and gameplay are still the best around.

2. [I]Star Wars Battlefront 2[/I], not because it was a bad game, but because it wouldn't work on my [B]Xbox[/B].

3. My ultimate bad guy would be a combination between the Overmind from [I]StarCraft[/I], an Elite from [I]Halo 2[/I] and Doku from [I]Ninja Gaiden[/I]. This boss is perfect because he would be super smart, have super strength, and he would just look awesome.
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1.would be f-zero gx for gamecube, I simply love this game, I got it last year and I still play it.

2.mmm... probably star fox assault, this is the shortest game I have ever played, I beat it in like around 3 hours.

3.and definetly would be super smash brothers melee and probably any naruto game, making an awesome fighting game with naruto and nintendo characters.
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