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  1. One of the recent games I found to be very overrated was Condemned: Criminal Origins for the X-Box 360. I had heard many positive things about the game and was very excited about it, until I actuially played it. The game was painfully short and repetitive. The forensic elements of the game were also way too simple. Overall I just felt like it was a mediocre game at best.
  2. Nice input.... I suppose my favorite game would be Super Mario Bros. 3. It brings back so many great gaming memories. No matter how many times I play it, it never gets old and is always extremely entertaining.
  3. [QUOTE=RedSkyCoffee][size=1]people cheat on each other ... or do you mean cheat as in games? Oh well I'll answer both ... Personatly I think people cheat on each other for a few reasons 'cause they ether love two people and they want both of them or they just want to ... Cheating in games ... just 'cause the persons stupid ... My question is ... Why are boys so stupid? [/size][/QUOTE] It's the cooties. They eat at the male's brain cells. Very tragic.
  4. I enjoyed school until the 11th grade. Then things went down hill in a hurry. I suppose I was just burned out on the whole thing, I really don't know why I began to hate it like I did. I absolutely hate college, but I've put wayyy too much money in it thus far to quit. So I am sticking it out until the end, I suppose.
  5. I certainly wouldn't want to dance to it or anything, but Just Killin' Time by Black Label Society is a very beautiful song in my opinion.
  6. [QUOTE=Howlingvampire4]Thnx, but I think I'lll try sumthin else. :animeswea :animesmil Well, I got a new question people! lol How do I tune my guitar to bass? The guitar came with sumthings to tune it, but I can figue out how to adjust the guitar to bass without having the strings too loose. :animesigh[/QUOTE] A bass and a guitar are two different instruments. So you can't "tune the guitar to bass". Here is a site you might find helpful on further questions: [url]www.cyberfret.com[/url]
  7. The Da Vinci Code is a pretty good read, if you haven't already read it. Plus you might wanna read it before seeing the upcoming film based on the book.
  8. Samsara


    I think this will be a great movie. However, I am curious to see how much(if any) gore was cut from the original version. I read an early review for this film and apparently there are quite a few scenes that will please all of the gore hounds out there. It's awesome to actually see a R rated horror movie being released. And yes, Unborn Lord Xion is correct, Eli Roth directed this, not Tarantino.
  9. 1. For me, that would be Gun. It was a great game, tons of fun, just way too short. 2. Fable. As with Gun, it was just way too short. I would have done the obvious to make it better, I would have made it a bit longer than it was. 3. Hmm, I really don't know about this one. A Mario/Sonic team up would be cool. A game based on Freddy v.s Jason would be really great if done correctly. There are tons of possibilities.
  10. The first thing I did was wait in line at a local Wal-Mart for a X-Box 360. However, they were sold out of 360 games. So I guess I will just hold the controller the rest of the night and pretend I am actually playing something.
  11. Samsara

    Gaming Gun

    Anyone else played this game? I recently bought it and I must say it is an excellent game. It was painfully short, however. I was also really happy to see Tom Jane and Brad Douriff doing voice acting in the game. Hopefully there will be some sort of sequal that will be a bit longer and maybe feature some quickdrawing situations as well.
  12. Samsara

    Gaming Xbox 360

    [QUOTE=Morpheus]Here's what I would get: 1. Call of Duty 2 2. Condemned: Criminal Origins 3. Perfect Dark Zero 4. Dead or Alive 4 5. Need for Speed: MW I'd say Call of Duty is really the only game on this list that I would stress that you go to several stores if you can't find a copy. It's amazing.[/QUOTE] Is Condemned out yet? I saw a preview in Game Informer awhile back and it looked really good. I didn't think it was out yet, though.
  13. Samsara

    Gaming Xbox 360

    For those of you with a X-Box 360, what games are worth buying for this thing? I was contemplating buying a 360 tonight and was just wondering what game I should get with it
  14. Eh, 2005 wasn't very kind to me. I had a 3 year relationship to end, which in turn led to a horrible year of college. It sounds extremely silly, but that relationship ending pretty much soiled the whole year for me. It certainly put a damper on everything. Hopefully 2006 will be much better.
  15. I just turned 20 last month. *sigh*, I feel so old.
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