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RPG DragonBall Xtreme


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[COLOR=royalblue]DragonBall Xtreme[/COLOR]
Dbx is my Db series,I did post this awhile back,around January or Febuary,but since its been so long,and I have chaged it quit a bit,I thought I'd post it again. So here gos.

Dbx starts out 18 years after Trunks,the young Saiyan defeated Android 17&18,and also Cell. He now has a family,of which consists of a wife and two kids. His oldest,Trohan(his duaghter),is at the age of two when Dbx starts,she is a brillient fighter,at the age of 5 she competes in a tourniment,of which she wins. She has anourmous strenght,for a girl her age,she often gets in fights at school,mainly with kids who want to prove that she is weak. Trunks teaches her all his technics,and shows her to be kind,even to classmates or others who critizise her,for any reason. But of course she can't help but fight,she has the ego of Vegeta,and the courage and strenth of Son Gokou. Trunks son is also surprizingly strong for his age,but unlike Trohan,he has this kind,cunning quility to him,such as Gokou had,he is like his father in many ways aswell.
[COLOR=royalblue]Ok,that was more like an introdution,but I'll post more of it later.[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]What do you think?[/COLOR] :) :D
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Sorry,I forgot to mention what the [COLOR=red]new[/COLOR] characters looked like,at least the onces that I mentioned so far.

[COLOR=blue]?[/COLOR](unknown as of now)
Hair: Royal blue,anime style
Skin: Fare

Hair: Same style/color as Trunks,but with two long bangs in front of face
Skin: Tanish
[COLOR=red]Pic of Trohan:[/COLOR] [url]http://www.geocities.com/saiyanpx86/Chibitrohan.html[/url]

[COLOR=royalblue]?[/COLOR] (sorry,unknown as of now)
Hair: A royal blue(like mother),styled like Trunks
Skin: Tanish
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