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Sign Up Destruction of the Last Generation 1:Storm of souls [PG-LV]


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[INDENT][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2]Its the new generation of evil and there's a new generation of saviors to protect the world. In this new age of the world (2666 A.D) the world has started to decay from war. Nobody loved the land when the war started. evil demons have erupted from an underwater valcano and declared wor on the humans saying they are inferior. Humans call these demons the demonious. People fear this demonic race because of their powers of dark. But people's fears get the best of them.

One day a murder of the US president held the world by storm.Leaving them vulnerable without there leader to make decisions. the world now resembles a wasteland of carnage and scrap metal. all humans are dead in this year, and now the demons have come to a new host, a new planet they can feed on. A planet called Zudeskayyama.

This planet has a race of human vampires, regular vampires, and humans. The demonious have turned them against each other to gain control. The demonious were destroyed by all of the races. Yet they are still turned on each other. hunters hunt down vampires and kill them for their countries leaders vampires have killed the humans to gain control of them. The planet is all peace except for the vampires and hunters. but an evil force is secretly trying to turn all of them against one onother. Who will be able to stop them nobody knows.

Stardate 2756 A.D.

Zukel Name woke up one morning to a crash. It was his brother on his scooter in the house. Zukel is 17 and his brothers 24. They are vampire humans, their life span is usually between 0 to 600 while normal vampires are usually 0 to 1000. Zukel runs outside to meet with his college buddies. Man he says as he looks at the sky. I wonder what will become of me after college? Still it won't matter now. But Zukel doesn't know whats in store for him. He goes back to college, normally this is not a weird day but in a few days things will get strange.[/INDENT]
NOTE:The idea is that Zukel and some others have to dig deeper into the past about the demonious and the war. They also try to end the war. They will have to fight monsters along the way, as well as People from all races and the demonious. Action, Adventure, love, and past problems will arise during the story. This is only part of their Quest There will be one more of the story(Destruction of the last Generation 2:)[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Hers an intro of calsses of people.
Humans:usually are low in power rate but some have ecceptions. Come in Innocent,hunters,bounty huntersand,magic users ,. humans are able to use magic thanks to Zall stones, zall stones are mgical runes found an mass produced by humans.

Human/Vampires:mid leval power rates. They come in innocent,hunters,magic users,and biters (People that use their teeth as weopons) Magic sources are themselves or zall stones. Fight on eather side depending on beliefs.

Vampires:high level power rates.They come in innocent,human hunters,Biters, and magic users. Magic source is themselves.
CHARECTER NEEDS (requirements)







Back round:

NOTE:If any quenstions PM me. Note 2: state wether he joins Zukels side or not
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Zukel is played by me.Here is his profile so you aren't clueless about him or his past

Name:Zukel Mishanel




Class:Everything exept Inoccent. Note:He bocomes all of the hired profesions because he will be asked to.

Apperence: Young for his age. Handsome with smooth spickey hair. His weopon is a giant sword With a steel coating all red. He has fairly long teth.(because they aren't used yet) HE keeps himself clean but wears a strong cologne That women love. He is always stricken wth a happy mood on his face.His shirts have flames on them.His inner shirt is white. He wears button down shirts, with the collor up. he has one red eye and one blue eye. His hair is colored dirty blonde. Pants are pocketed with a zipper for him to have shorts. his shoes are sneakers. They have his favorite color on them...RED! Probobly bacause he's part vampire.

Backround: likes to not let people now but everybody knows he grew up wealthy without his dad.He seems happy all the times, somewhat of a dunce he jokes to much and usually falls. His story will unfold durin RP.

There he is Zukel Mishanel.
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Name: Reknar the Vast

Age: 42

Gender: Post-op male

Race: Vampire

Class: Biter

?Aperence?: Reknar the Vast is difficult to miss. He is the man that has to buy two airplane tickets per flight, the person hailed as ?el hinchado? by several cultures as he blots out the sun. He is simply a gargantuan, unwieldy wom?er? man. You see, deep down Reknar (formerly Matilda) knew he was a ?he? despite his birth? becoming a vampire gave him the opportunity to have the operation (no blood loss/vital organs=cheap surgery). The following week the diminutive Reknar began his celebration with a feast. I suppose the feast just? didn?t stop. He usually spends his time hidden from other people, his favorite clothing a sweaty wife-beater that he calls ?Raphael? after his favorite renaissance artist. He doesn?t like to wear pants, but if he does travel outside, he will throw on a pair of unwashed sweat pants. He has a long black jacket (scarred with patches from being re-sown) that he wears over the wife-beater if it?s cold out. He carries an old swiss army knife that he stole from his neighbor?s son, but doesn?t really use it in combat. Instead he waves it around to provoke his opponent into melee before withdrawing his trusty magnum (usually tucked comfortably in his pants near his buttocks) to shoot the ?stupid head?, as he so derides them.

Back round: I guess I covered most of it. He was a she. He is a vampire, and he usually spends his time on Zudeskayyama?s various web chats trying to meet his one and only soul mate. He also enjoys foosball.
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