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[font=Trebuchet MS]The IPA Tower is a large building just south of Seafoam Islands. It is a magnificent architectural wonder which has a golden tint that glimmers in the sunlight. Standing gloriously with 110 floors, this tower is home to the International Pokémon Association, which decides who will be the Gym Leaders and Elite Four in all the regions.

Every once in a while, the IPA holds a tournament specifically for Gym Leaders to find a new member to become part of the Elite Four in one of the regions. This year, all the Gym Leaders were invited and 10 replied, wanting to become part of the legendary Elite Four.

Eight of those ten were accepted, but only one will remain in the end. They will go through various battles during the...[/font]

[b][center][size=3]Gym Leader Challenge[/size][/b][/center]


[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]"Welcome, one and all, to the Gym Leader Challenge!" announced Jerry. He stood on a raised platform in front of the 8 Gym Leaders.

"It is here that you will make yourself at home for the next few weeks while you make your way through the tournament." Jerry stepped down and clapped his hands.

"Now, if you would follow me, I'll give you a free tour of the building." The trainers followed the administrator around the entire floor. They were showed the swimming pool, the many type-based training rooms, the generic training room, the bathrooms, the change rooms, the Pokécenter, the Pokémart, the Office (where Jerry and his employees stayed), the Lobby and the Suites.

Satisfied with his tour, Jerry pointed out that the tournament schedule would be in the[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=51425][u] Lobby[/u][/url] on the back wall and would be updated the next day, and left.[/font][/center]
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Roxas stood alone in the Pokécenter, thinking about the battles that would soon be taking place. He knew he should really be training his Pokémon in a harsh type-based training room like a volcanic fire-based environment to increase his team's resistance to, or at least get them used to the heat.
One of the few things he rarely worked on with his Pokémon was fire-attacks.
Not only did his grass-types have second -types, but they managed well against most foes. When he faced the fire-type, opponents usually fell to a well pulled-off Earthquake attack from his Shiftry. Unfortunately, he was unsure of what he would be up against if pitted against the Fire-Gym Leader Naminé. If she pulled out something unexpected, he knew it would be tough. It would be anyway, but tougher if she had hidden surprises for him.
He hoped to whatever spirit was listening to his thoughts that he would be against Grace Lee the Water-type Gym Leader all the way from Kanto's Cerulian City. But he knew that the odds of being placed in his first match against a Gym Leader of a -type effective against his own Pokémon were higher than those of being placed in a match where his own Pokémon had the upper hand from scratch.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when Nurse Joy came out of her office.
"Oh!" she squealed. "You frightened me there! Can I help you at all? Would you like me to check your Pokémon?"
He turned towards her and gave her a look that said 'Piss off, let me think quietly', but said "No, we're all fine here, thanks for asking."
He put on a fake smile and spun on his heel, heading straight for the door.

About an hour later he was in the Fire-type training room, trying out new techniques for his Pokémon. All around them were flame jets which spat out huge flames at random intervals. He had the flames on a setting so that the 'random intervals' were closer together, so his team of fire-succeptible pals had to work hard to pull of the techniques.
At the current time, the idea was to keep his Pokémon's Grass-type attacks clear of the flames. Roxas stood behind a column of jets that spat out flames every few seconds, with a target that he would throw into the air. Once his whistle blew, Tropius, the first in his random-choice lineup, would have approximately thirty seconds to pull off her attack.
He threw the target into the air and blew his whistle. The flame-jets sent up a cliché roaring blaze, and Tropius began the technique.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Kay wondered up stairs to the second floor looking for room number 227, the suite she would be staying in while she was here. Thoughts of the upcoming battles raced through her head. They were the top gym leaders in all of Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. Defeating them would be much harder than defeating a normal trainer who wants a badge.
Kay snapped out of her thoughts as she came to a large yellow door that read her number and had her name on the front of the door. She slid the card key into the device and the door opened automatically revealing the suite. Kay gaped at the large room. To the right of the room was the kitchen, complete with a microwave, oven, and mini refrigerator. To the left was the bathroom which probably had a few sinks and a huge shower. The main room was made up of two rooms connected together. The first room had a few chairs and couches surrounding a TV and near the corner was a computer that most likely had data on the other trainers. The next room was the bed room which contained a Queen sized bed, another TV, dresser, and a good sized closet.

"Wow." Was all Kay could say at the moment. She had just mainly wanted a place for her and her Pokémon to stay. She had no idea they would be given a luxurious suite.

A sudden red flash erupted from Kay's pokébelt and a familiar yellow spiked creature started jumping on the large bed. The electric pokémon rolled around on the sheets with glee as static electricity started to gather in his fur.

"You're nothing but trouble, Jolteon..." Kay mumbled and shook her head at bouncing pile of yellow fur. Out of all of her pokémon he was definitely the most hyperactive.

Kay left him to himself and decided to do some research on the other gym leaders who she would be matched up against. The CP was already on and the internet's home page was that of the competitions. She right clicked on the Entrees link and the names of the trainers popped up on the screen, including where they came from and what type of pokémon they used:

[center][i]Naminé - Lavaridge Town - Fire
Grace Lee - Cerulean City - Water
Raya - Blackthorn City - Dragon
Roxas - Fortree City - Grass
Kay - Vermillion City - Electric
Shi - Saffron City - Dark
Hyouton - Mahogany Town - Ice
A.C. - Mauville - Electric[/i][/center]

Kay sighed with relief after seeing that there were no ground or fighting type trainers on the list, the other competitors held no advantages towards her team. She read the last name again and opened up the profile for A.C. of Mauville, an electric trainer like herself. Pictures of a Raichu, Electrode, Manectric, and Electabuzz appeared on the screen along with a picture of the trainer and some data on battles.

Jolteon scampered into the room and jumped into Kay's lap, letting out a big yawn. The electric pokémon gazed up at the other yellow creatures that appeared on the screen.

"I can already tell the battle against him will be a great one." [/size]
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Shi walked along the seemingly never-ending hallway, lost in her thoughts. Her Umbrion, Shade, walked beside her.

"We're going to have our hands full, Shade," she said to her faithful companion. "I knew that we were going to be going against other gym leaders, but the ones picked look like they are going to be [I]tough[/I]."

She continued down the hall until she reached the door labeled "Pokemart". She opened the sky blue door, and stepped in. As she entered, she was totally blown away. [I]Wow,[/I] she thought, [I]this place is [B]huge[/B].[/I] The Pokemart had two floors. The main floor was basically a generic center, but the top floor, which was only like a walkway boardering the main, held all the specialty-type shops.

Shi decided to gather some supplies, so she headed towards the second floor. She walked right past the dark, psycic, and fighting shops, since there was no trainers concentrating on those types of Pokemon. She walked up to the fire baised shop, and purchased some Burn Heals. Continuing on, she stopped at each specialty shop, gathering supplies for the various status effects the other trainers' Pokemon could, or would, inflict on her own. [I]I hope these come in handy.[/I]

After stowing her purchases in her bag, she decided to waste time browsing the rest of the shops. When she got bord, she decided to buy Shade some food.

As her Pokemon ate, she sat thinking again. [I]I hope this challenge proves to be fruitful. It would be a waste of time - but it's the experience that counts, right?[/I] Shade had finished his food, and nudged Shi until she snapped out of her daydream.

"All finished, budd?" she asked. "Okay, I guess we'd better figure out exactly where our room is, considering we're going to win. Isn't that right, Shade. We're going to win, and become the next member of the Elite Four!"

Shade seemed to understand, jumped enthusiastically, and licked Shi's face. She laughed, petted Shade on the head, then led him towards the hallway.

"Well, Shade, we better get some rest before we find out our fighting order."

And, with that, the two friends headed towards their suite, room number 317.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]The day had slowly started to go by and all that Hyou was even doing was sitting and waiting with his pokemon. They all were out and just training in the ice type training room for the moment. Originally, his idea was just to go into the fire room and train under the extreme temperatures. However, there was another person in there before him. He didn't know his name or anything of the sort. He went to look in his pokedex to try and find some more information on him.... Soon after a brief moment of waiting, a picture of Roxas along with his grass pokemon came up on the small screen.

"No wonder he was in that room...With grass pokemon that would be the smartest thing to do.. Maybe he will be a rather strong opponent that what I had first though of.."

Hyou got up from the ground that he was sitting before another rather loud and abrupt beeping knocked him back down onto the slippery floor once again. He took out the flashing item and looked it over. The contest bracket had finally come out and Hyou quickly scanned down the list to look for his name.....

"Ah! There it is... It looks like I must go and do some more research on these people. I need to know more about them so I can start to get a counter attack together. Alright everyone! "he began calling out to his pokemon as they looked towards him not matter where it was that they were. " Its time to go back in. We will finish up the stretching later. He held up their pokeballs as the red light streamed from them returning the pokemon to their temporary homes.

After stepping out of the room and into the elevator, he was glad that he decided not to go and take the stairs. This place was just..Massive! He couldn?t believe that such a place could be so unknown just under the seafoam islands. After the elevator had come to a halt, Hyou stepped out of the chamber and went in search of his room. To his dismay however he did have a slight bit of trouble. Time just seemed to fly by as he continued his frantic search for his room until he had realized that he stopped one floor underneath. After the feeling of idiocy had passed, he was finally able to make his way into his suite.

Once inside, the first thing that Hyou did was find a bed and plop himself down on it. Just the search of his room was enough for him and he just wanted to take a short break. He dozed off for only a couple of minutes before waking back up and checking the PC for stats on his opponents. This indeed was going to be a rather interesting battle. The person he was to go up against first was suppose to be a Dragon type user. If things just went up type to type he would have won hands down. Yet she was a gym leader, meaning that she must have come against many trainers who had ice types to fight her with. Maybe she was prepared for this? If she was or wasn?t however he was going to have to wait. He needed rest as well as his pokemon. With a light sigh he leaned back into the bed and dozed off into a light nap.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[CENTER][FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=Black]The P.A. System all over the 37th floor blared loudly, interupting everyone's thoughts.

"H-hello?" *Tap tap tap* "Hello! Jerry here. Would all the Gym Leaders [i]please[/i] report to the lobby immediately? All Gym Leaders, in the lobby. Thank you." Jerry turned off the microphone and walked out of his office and down the hall to the lobby. When he reached the large room, he noted that most of the trainers had beat him and he smiled, embarrased.

When all the Gym Leaders arrived, Jerry stepped up to the wooden podium and placed his folders onto it. He slipped on his reading glasses and announced carefully.

"Welcome, trainers, to the first match of the Gym Leader Challenge!" he stated. The Pokémon masters glanced at eachother, most smiling. "I am sure you are all very anxious to get started and we, at the IPA, have put together the first battle."

Jerry motioned to two large circular metal discs behind him. "If Kay, Electric Gym Leader from Vermillion City, and Naminé, Fire Gym Leader from Lavaridge Town please step onto the transporters, please." The two girl trainers nodded and walked onto the stage, sitting themselves on the two 'transporters.'

"Excellent. At the back, where the tournament standings are, will be a large screen that the others can watch with. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to get this battle started!" and with that, the Administrator pressed a singular button, entered some numbers on a keyboard that was near the helm and a loud shaking occurred.

The transporters were moving! Spiraling up towards the ceiling, it looked almost as if the girls were going to be crushed, but a glass shield whipped around them and two holes opened up in the roof.

"Floor number 45, Plain Forest." announced a computer like voice.

The transporters stopped spiraling through ceilings 8 floors later. Although before they had been not 10 feet away from eachother, they were now out of visible range. There was a wall of trees all around each of them. The announcement lady spoke again.

"GLC Battle One, Kay versus Naminé. Please select your Pokémon, now." There was a short silence where the trainers picked their Pokéball from their belt and then the lady continued.

"Pokémon chosen. Jolteon and Blaziken. You will see that if you try to send out another Pokémon, it will not work. This is a 1v1 battle. You will find all your items available in your pack. As an extra tip, there are small, red buttons all over the forest, five in total. Pressing one of these buttons will open a door of trees, not neccesarily near you, though."

"May Battle One please commence. Send out your Pokémon."[/COLOR][/FONT][/CENTER]
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[COLOR=Navy]Naminé looked at where she was, though her vision was obscured by the fence of trees that surrounded her. The land around the metal teleporter that she was standing on, was all a lush green grass. She stepped onto the grass and sunk slightly.

When prompted she confidently plucked a pokéball from her belt. Her index finger tapped the button quickly and the small ball swelled to fit her entire hand. It rested comfortably in her right hand which hung by her side, her left hand straightened the Heat Badge she wore on her collar.

The explanations finished after explaining that the forest was special, with door-like walls of trees opening with a simple press of a small red button. Naminé looked around her and saw a sample button by her right foot, she guessed it allowed her out of the "cell" she was in.

[B]"May Battle One please commence. Send out your Pokémon."[/B] was the final announcement.

Naminé shifted her foot and pressed down on the small red button, the wall in front of her swung out and she was able to move.

[B]"Blaziken!"[/B] she called, hurling the pokéball into the air in an under-arm throw.

Her fire pokémon appeared in a flash of light, he roared proudly and flames sprouted from his wrists. Naminé picked up the now vacant pokéball and shrunk it down, reattaching it to her belt, all the while looking around in case Kay and Jolteon appeared.

[B]"Go find 'em, Blayze."[/B] Naminé told her pokémon, using his nickname, her eyes shifted around the entire time.

[B]"Blaziken!"[/B] he said with a nod, and he took off quickly with large strides that were practically half leaps.

Naminé ran after him at a comfortable pace, they had been together for so long, they both knew how fast to go to stay together. As they moved around the arena, they realised it was bigger than they had thought originally.

She was happy with the arena, because in the fury of battle, the obstacles of the forest walls could easily be burnt down. They scurried their way through the maze-like field, both wanting to find their opponent so the real battle could get started.[/COLOR]
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[size=1]Kay took a deep breath as she peered over the large stretch of trees that lay before her. Like the rest of the building this place was gigantic it was the size of a real wood you find out in the wild. Kay stood from her teleporter as the announcer began to go over the rules and regulations of the battle, but Kay found it hard to pay attention.

Kay's legs and arms were quivering in the excitement of the up coming battle. Naminé was an amazing trainer and had an equally amazing pokémon by her side. Fighting her would not only be a great challenge, but also a great honor.

Kay glanced at the red button that was jutting out of a near by tree. To her it resembled the key that would lead her into a battle zone where anything was possible. Kay felt her heart beat even faster as the announced finished and gave the approval of the battle to start. Kay pulled Jolteon's ball from her pokébelt and sized up so that it was large in hand.

"Let's go Jolteon!" She yelled with confidence and tossed the ball a few feet away. In a red flash the yellow pokémon appeared before her and the ball automatically returned to her hand.

Kay tapped the red button with her elbow and the row of trees and front of her mechanically moved to make a path.

"Okay, Jolteon stay hidden in the brush. The element of surprise can give us an advantage." Kay managed to instruct him through her chattering teeth of excitement, "Let's make Dad proud."

"Jolt!" The electric pokémon replied calmly. He understood the seriousness of the battle and didn't plan on fooling around like he had been earlier. He wanted to win this battle just as much as she did.

Kay grinned at her faithful companion. Even if they didn't win this challenge, she knew she could leave this battle knowing Jolteon and herself tried their hardest.

"Scatter!" Kay exclaimed and Jolteon was off through the forest. Kay took one more deep breath before following after him in search of Naminé and Blaziken.

The forest was not only large, but also disturbingly quiet. It was as if the creatures that inhabited the wood knew that a battle was taking place and they should not cause any distraction. Kay picked up her pace a bit as she caught a glimpse of Jolteon dashing by a tree. Kay rounded around the tree and froze immediately. Standing not 15 feet from her was the tall fire pokémon, Naminé's Blaziken.

"Crap." Kay thought to herself. Trying her best not to make a single sound she started to tip toe backwards behind the cover of a tree. Her heart seemed to be pounding like a drum and for a moment thought that Blaziken would here it and discover her. Though, something else discovered Kay before the mighty fire pokémon did.

"What are you hiding from?"

Kay's soul nearly erupted from her body as Naminé taped her on the back, giving Kay a terrible fright indeed. Blaziken took noticed and started to pear across the forest for Jolteon, knowing that he couldn't be far from his trainer.

Naminé was about to say something but was cut off when Jolteon came shooting out of the top of a near-by tree. Blaziken leaped out of the way before the electric pokémon had a chance to ram into him.

Kay and Naminé ran apart from each other and stood behind their pokémon in a traditional fashion. Now battle one was truly underway.[/size]
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[COLOR=Navy]Naminé ran around the two pokemon, Blayze moved so he was always shielding her as she ran. She saw Jolteon charge up for an attack as his fur stood straight and electricity started to crackle. Naminé pushed from the ground, rolling forward, her arms and hands protecting her head as she hit the ground, getting out of the way as Blayze jumped to avoid the burst of thunder.

Naminé made it to a safe distance and looked across at Kay who had shifted slightly. She called out an attack to Blaziken and watched carefully, looking at her opponent and her pokémon more than watching Blaziken's progress.

Blayze sprung into the air and stretched out a leg as it lit up with fire, diving down at shocking speed toward Jolteon. The electric pokémon rolled to his left and got back on his feet, jumping to dodge the flurry of kicks and punches from Blaziken.

[B]"Jolt, Jolt!"[/B]

[B]"Pin Missile!"[/B] Kay called to her pokémon.

[B]"Dodge, Quick Attack."[/B] Naminé said calmly.

The fire bird leapt into the air, but Jolteon corrected the projectiles, firing upward. Blazyze leaned back but one sharp missile scratched his arm. Blaziken backflipped in the air and leaned forward, diving down from the air, dodging the continued barrage of missiles. He slammed into the side of the yellow pokémon, pushing him off balance as the missiles stopped.

Naminé finally decided to check what items she had been given. She quickly opened her pack on her left hip and took a look inside. There were three bottles, all identical. She recognised the look of the bottle and zipped up her pouch again. She had been given three Paralyze Heals, seeing as she was versing an electric pokémon that had the ability to paralyze. Using that logic, she guessed Kay would be given at least one Burn Heal.

She looked back to the battle, they were up and were exchanging blows, Jolteon was using Tackle to try to knock down Blaziken, and Blayze was attacking and doging with flaming fists.

[B]"Thunder Wave!"[/B]


The two of them had called the attacks at the same time. Jolteon released the paralyzing wave and Blayze let out a stream of flames. The two of them moved to their left, effectively moving out of the way from the attacks.

[B]"You've trained your Jolteon well."[/B] Naminé commented.

[B]"Your Blaziken's strong too."[/B]

Naminé grinned and turned, running through the path behind her, making her way through the path made by the walls of trees. She put two fingers to her lips and whistled sharply. At the battlefield, Blaziken sprung high into the air and landed, running after Naminé.

Kay and Jolteon jumped to attention and followed in the direction Naminé and Blaziken had gone. Naminé was running confidently, she came across one of the red buttons on the trunk of a tree, as she sped past, she hit it, hoping something would happen. And something did, where Kay was, the forest in front of her shifted, blocking her path, and opening a new one. She had no choice but to follow.

Naminé hoped she could find a good arena that perhaps wasn't as open as the clearing they had been in, but she knew Kay would soon find her, so she had to make it fast.[/COLOR]
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Shi watched the big-screen tv. She was in awe. [I]Namine is an awesome trainer. If I win against Grace Lee, then there's a possibility that I'll have to face Namine. Not the most conforting thought, to be sure, but an exciting one at that.[/I]

Shi had decided to stay and watch the battle unfearl, seeing that she has a fifty-fifty chance at batteling one of the two trainers currently dueling. While some of the other members had left the room, Shi stood rooted in place, captivated by the workings of the two trainers.

On the screen, there were four seperate sections. The right half was Namine and her Blaziken, while the left half was Kay and her Jolteon. The trainers were on top, and the Pokemon where on the bottom half.

The first skirmish between the two Pokemon was heated, but Shi knew that the two trainers were only just testing the other out. The ones ahead would only get better.

Shi watched Namine hit one of the red buttons with her elbow, which in turn made Kay change her direction. [I]She must be looking for a place to better sute her Blazikin's fighting abilities. The only reason she'd abandon the last battle.[/I]

The next thing she knew, the two trainers were once again facing each other, ready for another joust.
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[color=sandybrown]?Stupid buttons?? Kay grumbled as the line of trees slid together, blocking her path to where Naminé and her pokémon had gone. Another set of trees a few yards away opened as the first group closed, ?If we hurry we?ll catch them.? Kay told Jolteon as they sprinted through the newly opened path of greenery.

Naminé was an amazing trainer; one of the strongest Kay had ever gone up against. Her Blaziken had a good combination of speed and strength. If a direct blow was dealt to Jolteon he would take some massive damage and it could cause them the battle. Kay smiled though, confident that Jolteon and she would come up with something.

Jolteon suddenly started to move faster, getting ahead of her by a few yards. Not too much though that he was out of site (like last time). Kay then saw that he was going towards a large stump that had a red object poking out of its side. Jolteon kicked the button with his back legs and a set of trees parted to there left, heading in the direction that Naminé had gone earlier.

?Good work.? Kay panted as she stopped and rested for a moment, gazing into the trees that towered above them. It was still very quiet and solemn, ?Jolteon?? Kay got his attention, ?You can hear things much better than me. Do you hear them?? She asked.

Jolteon?s ears pricked up and his breath got quieter as he listened for any snapping twigs or rustle in the forest. Silent moments passed by and Kay figured that his hearing wasn't as good as she thought it was.

?Jolt!? Jolteon suddenly exclaimed.

The yellow pokémon started off through the new path towards a dense area of trees where the under brush was thick. Kay followed, jumping over uprooted areas and ducking under low hanging branches, trying not to fall flat on her face. They eventually came to a stop and listened for any sounds of life.

The area they were in now was rows and rows of huge trees, ones that you could drive a car through if it had a hole in it. The branches over them were so close together and thick that a portion of the light had been blocked out, making the forest floor dark and gloomy. They looked around for any sign of the opposing trainer. Kay heard something move not directly behind her, but above her as well. She spun around and spotted Naminé standing on a tree branch about 10 feet from the ground and on the branch above her stood Blaziken, his wrists flaming in preparation for battle.

?Now that we?ve found a better fighting ground, Lets get started.? Naminé grinned and Blaziken leapt from his branch, his arm raised high in the air. Flames erupted from his wrists as he started to fall down towards Jolteon.

Jolteon jumped to the right and Kay covered her face as heated earth and soot was sent flying through the air by Balziken?s mighty fire punch that made contact with the forest floor. He quickly pulled his flaming hand from the ground and jumped back up into the trees.

?Follow him, Jolteon.? Kay said calmly. Jolteon nodded and ran up the tree Blaziken had jumped into.

Kay ran over to a tree nearest to her and gripped a low hanging branch. She jumped and pulled herself up until she could swing her leg around it. Naminé was also climbing higher to get a better view of the fighting pokémon. Kay quickly followed, knowing that if she got there first Jolteon would be alone and at a high disadvantage.

Kay clambered onto a thick branch and couldn?t help but gape at the view. The two large trees they had climbed onto had extremely large branches near the top, the space between the two trees made a large gap, creating a mini battle field in the tree tops. Naminé stood far away on a branch close the same height of Kay?s and higher up Jolteon and Blaziken were jumping from branch to branch.

?Blaziken, Slash!? Naminé called out as Blaziken leapt from a branch heading strait for Jolteon.

?Dodge and come back with headbutt!? Kay called to Jolteon.

The yellow pokémon jumped from his branch, but Blaziken still managed to scratch his left flank. Jolteon nimbly landed sideways on the trunk of a tree and kicked off with his head lowered for his next attack. [/color]
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[COLOR=Navy]Naminé was a good climber and could do so easily, but the problem was that she was wearing a skirt, and that slightly hindered her movements.

[B]"I had to choose to wear my skirt."[/B] she rolled her eyes.

She jumped off her current branch and gripped a thick, sturdy limb extending from a nearby tree. She swung her lower body until could swing over the top and land in a crouched position.

When she arrived at the top, Blaziken was already there with Jolteon. Not too long after she got there, Kay clambered up onto a branch behind Jolteon. Naminé hopped onto the tree behind the one she had been on and called across to her fire pokémon.

[B]"Blayze, now!"[/B]

Blaziken leapt into the air and released jets of flames from his mouth and set fire to the trees surrounding the stage he and Jolteon were on. The trees were lit and it looked like a flaming fence, Naminé and Kay couldn't help their pokémon except by giving them orders, and Jolteon would have trouble trying to escape through the high flames.The fire spread rapidly, they would eventually either have to leave the area or finish the battle where they were. Although the trees were tall, if the fire touched the ground, the whole arena would be a forest fire due to all the grass and trees.

Naminé fled another tree away, she could see the ring of flames, and the pokémon, but it was hard to see completely clearly. She wondered where Kay was, if she had chosen to retreat slightly as Naminé had, or whether she had chosen to stay.

Naminé wet her lips and put two fingers to her mouth, she whistled twice sharply. At the battlefield Blaziken heard the call and used another Blaze Kick, it came in contact with Jolteon's right side as he dodged, but Blayze moved to correct the path of the attack.

[B]"Thunder!"[/B] Kay roared from wherever she was.

Jolteon's fur stood straight again and electricity gathered, striking with a powerful force that hit Blaziken's chest. Jolteon had predicted the fire pokémon would jump as usual to avoid the attacks and had aimed at where he guessed Blaziken would be. Blayze was knocked back but backflipped so he landed safely on their platform again.

The fire was racing toward the ground, ready to spread even more than it already had. Naminé watched the fire creeping down, there wasn't much time, and she couldn't clearly see what was happening because the heat was giving off waves which distorted her vision more.

Naminé whistled again; long, short, long. Blaziken dodged a tackle and swung back in a Slash with his flaming fists, scorching Jolteon's right flank.

[B]"Jolteon, Thunder Wave!"[/B]

Blaziken dodged to the left, but it still skimmed his left leg, paralyzing that limb. This slowed Blaziken down considerably since he had lost half of his mobility. Naminé clenched her hands into tight fists, she couldn't help him by using a Paralyze Heal because she was blocked by the flames, unless Blaziken escaped by jumping over. As long as he didn't get hit it the head or chest by the Thunder Wave, because if that was to happen, Blayze would be completely paralyzed, as long as it was only one limb, it wasn't too bad.

[B]"Come on, Blayze. You can do it."[/B] Naminé whispered.[/COLOR]
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[color=sandybrown]?Is she insane?? Kay asked herself as the grass at the foot of the trees started to burn.

After Blaziken had caught the trees on fire Kay had climbed around to the other side of the tree and the upwards towards the higher branches, continually watching the battle through bellows of smoke and screaming out commands to Jolteon. Unfortunately, she and her yellow companion didn?t have the whole whistling system down like their opponent.

Due to the Paralysis on Blaziken?s leg, he was moving slower, but Jolteon had also taken some damage on his legs, making him almost as slow. If they didn?t finish this match soon she would be trapped up in a burning tree.

?Jolteon, Zap Cannon!? She yelled as she saw Blaziken heading towards him.

The electric pokémon?s fur crackled loudly and a swarming ball of lightning shot out of him at the fire pokémon. Blaziken twisted his body sideways so that only a few sparks brushed against his back. He then countered with a fire bunch that Jolteon dodged by leaping to another tree branch that had not yet caught fire.

Blaziken swayed slightly on his good leg trying to keep balance, but managed to spin around and send a jet of flames at Jolteon who had not yet landed and was free falling through the air. The blast hit dead on and Jolteon landed with a thud on the tree branch, almost falling off.

Kay felt her heart pound as he laid there motionless on the branch, not showing any signs of getting up. Amazingly though, he started to twitch and slowly lifted himself up and shook his soot covered fur. Kay sighed with relief, for a moment there she thought he was gone. Jolteon winced in pain as the burns affected him.

?C?mon, you can do it!? Kay yelled. Jolteon looked up at her from below and gave her a large smile, ?Give em? your best pin missile!? Kay instructed and Jolteon leapt over to where Blaziken stood.

A loud, shrill whistle traveled through the air from Naminé who was somewhere in the forest. Blaziken started to throw flaming punches at Jolteon as he landed on the same branch. Jolteon jumped and tumbled, trying to get out of the way of his flaming wrists. He flipped over one of Blaziken?s punches and sent out an array of sharp needles from his body. Over the crackling fire another whistle came.

Acting quickly, Blaziken grabbed his limp leg and used it as a shield against the sharp pins. They penetrated into his leg deeply, but the feeling was gone and not one needle had touched any part of his body.

Kay gapped at the move, amazed that he had used his useless leg to take the attack. It seemed like a harsh plan, but it was one of the best she had ever seen. Blaziken quickly reacted as if he didn?t even know tons of needles had stabbed him and dealt Jolteon a mighty punch to his ribs, sending him flying into the trunk of a tree. Jolteon lost his footing and started tumbling down through the trees.

?No!? Kay screamed as she watched her closest companion attempt to grab onto branches that were quickly passing over him. Jolteon managed to bite onto a flimsy branch that barely held his weight. It sank low below the larger branch it was connected to and hung over a burning pile of brush.

Kay quickly jumped down a few branches and ran over to edge to peer down at her yellow friend. Slowly he clambered up the thin limb with his claws and dropped onto the branch, breathing heavily. One more attack would probably end this battle.

Blaziken bounded over to where Jolteon lay, looking quite worn out himself, scratches covered him and his paralyzed leg wasn?t in the best shape. Kay and Jolteon readied themselves as a whistle blew from close by.
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"YEAH! GO KAY!" AC cheered as he jumped from his seat. He wasn't paying much attention to the battle that aired on the screen, but his eyes were fixed on Kay and her Jolteon. She would make a great opponent to test his own electric Pokemon. That was the only reason he was cheering for her.

"You're quite a loud mouth." Someone said behind him. The tone was in a kidding matter, but AC took it to heart. He looked back, and it was the Gym leader from Mahogany Town, Hyou. He was sitting with a wide smile.

"Well, you better keep your's shut! Because if you haven't seen the chart, I might be going against you." AC shouted to him. He turned head away, and now he was too angry to watch the fight.

"Well, only if you get pass Roxas." He said teasingly. AC turn to him with a clueless expression on his face.

"Who?" He asked without a clue. He had heard the name before, but didn't recognize it. Come to think of it, he didn't really know anybody here, even if they came from well known gyms. AC bet they thought of him as a small fry, just because he belonged to a smaller, lesser known gym. But he'll show them.

"The Fortree City gym leader." Hyou said, pointing to a trainer in the front row. The man was totally fixated on the screen, and AC knew he was watching and studying it. "I heard he trains alot."

AC studied his opponent, just like Roxas was studying the ongoing battle. He didn't care who got in the way, be it Roxas, Hyou, Naminé, or any other trainer, AC was going to battle Kay. No title that came with this tournament mattered to him anymore, AC just wanted to battle Kay in it.
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Roxas sat with his eyes glued to the screen in front of him. He'd had no idea how tough either trainer would be, even though Naminé was also from the Hoenn region. It was completely by luck that the trainers were now fighting in a forest fire - the first button that Naminé had pressed had moved several 'sets' of trees to the area they were currently fighting in. The second button pressed had done the same thing.
It turned out that not only did the buttons move trees in one area, they moved trees in many different part of the arena. The television screen had shown smaller boxes of where the trees had moved when the buttons were pressed previously.
"Wow...Naminé's a damn tough trainer to be able to go along with everything spur of the moment like that - she's barely thought anything through before making a call." Roxas thought aloud to himself.
"You never know, it could just be pure dumb luck," someone said from a seat behind him.
Roxas turned and saw Raya sitting in a seat behind him with a smirk on her face. She giggled almost manically - well, that's how Roxas saw it. As he looked her over, he almost dry-reached.
"How old're you again?!" he exclaimed after re-swallowing lunch.
"17, why?"
[i]Holy crap...she must be good. I think I'll research her,[/i] "No reason, you just don't look like someone I'd expect to be here." he muttered.
Raya gave him a look that said 'How can you say that aloud asshole?' but giggled again, as though she hadn't heard him.

When Roxas turned his attention back to the battle going on in front of him, he saw the unspeakable.
It appeared Jolteon had been knocked out. Someone knocked over a chair behind him.
"What? No way!" it was AC, Roxas' first opponent - also a trainer from an Electric-type Gym. As AC said something about a flame-grilled chicken, the TV screen split, showing different camera angles. Jolteon was on screen, clawing its way up a burning tree. It appeared the nimble electrical dog was stronger that Roxas had thought.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[quote]Blaziken bounded over to where Jolteon lay, looking quite worn out himself, scratches covered him and his paralyzed leg wasn?t in the best shape. Kay and Jolteon readied themselves as a whistle blew from close by.[/quote]

[font=trebuchet ms][center]Immediately, the thunder cat jolted to the right and managed to dodge the attack of Blaziken and pounded its hip. Blayze fumbled to its knees and stared at Jolteon menacingly. Kay stepped back in shock.

[i]I didn't tell Jolteon to do that...[/i]

Without hesitation, Nami called to her flamed friend and ordered it to attack.


Blayze stood still, gasping for breathe. The paralyzation had crept up its leg and infected the entire body. Naminé panicked and scrambled for something to help her Pokémon with. Kay grappled the situation and took advantage.

"Jolteon! Finish Blaziken with Thundershock!"

Having no second thoughts, the electric-type Pokémon gathered the last bit of its energy and shocked Blaziken, watching it fall to the ground, defeated.

Or was it?

After the thundershock, Jolteon had become lathargic and also lay on the ground, seemingly defeated. The two Gym Leaders waited impatiently for the announcement. Two minutes later -which seemed like 2 hours- the lady's voice pierced the silence.

"The winner of Battle 1 of the Gym Leader Challenge is Kay, Vermillion City Gym Leader and her companion, Jolteon!"

Naminé shook up and ran to Blaziken, worried. Before either of the trainers had a chance to return their Pokémon, a spray fell from the sky and fell onto them. Almost instantly, their friends were back to full health. The trees had also disappeared entirely and the two could now clearly see the elevators that had transported them to this floor.

"Please step onto a transporter with your Pokémon returned and wait until you are back on the 37th floor."[/font][/center]
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[size=1]Kay smiled through pants as they announced her victory for the battle. The purple spray that had fallen from the top of the room seemed to instantly heal Jolteon and Blaziken. Naminé and she seemed stronger after the spray had dissolved away. The trees, along with the roaring fire had disappeared and they were now standing in a large, whit, blank room. The only thing left where the two transporters from earlier.

"Hey, congratulation." Naminé said with a smile and her hand stretched out.

"Thanks, you're the toughest fighter I think I've ever faced." Kay grinned and shook the fire trainer's hand. Blziken and Jolteon passed a few calls to one another and seemed to be getting along wonderfully.

"Please step onto a transporter with your Pokémon returned and wait until you are back on the 37th floor." The lady announced.

Kay and Naminé returned their pokemon and gave each other a short wave good bye as they sat down in the silver containers that rapidly started to spin. Kay felt her stomach lurch back and forth as the silver container plumeted downward. After a few moment it came to a hault and they were back in the room where most of the other gym leaders had been watching the battle.

"Awesome battle!" Someone shouted from the group and they applauded both Kay and Naminé as well as Blaziken and Jolteon.
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