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Writing Human [PG] One of my best works hope you like it.


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My life has begun a change,
that might affect the operation.
So many people thought,
that I could complete the task
without hesitation.
So when I start out on that road
of death and pain,
I can remember that I belong to everything.
I belong to the earth and rain,
I belong to the sea and sky,
I belong to the cars and trains.
I make it known that my power erupts,
from my mind I transform into a man.
My soul at peace with Him.
My love for her, forever.
Give me time and I will emerge
and show the world who I am.
I am a life form, a crescent spirit,
a greatness beyond unknown,
I am human.
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This was interesting. The rhythm, while strange, was intriguing and for some reason I liked this poem. The only thing I didn't like where the threee I belong lines, not for any reason, I just didn't like them (yes, I am THAT picky) but in the end, it's a great poem. You should try writing a really long one some time, it could be interesting. It's always fun to try out new forms of poetry.
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