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Manga Senior Seminar Project


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I'm a senior in high school. And that means I have lots of projects that I got to do to graduate. One of them is my Senior Seminar project. If you don't know what Senior Sem is, then don't try to know. It's torture. Trust me.
Since I am in a special class (I-CAT), I don't HAVE to take the class itself, but I do have to do the project. And my project choice is making a manga/comic book. Only a single issue though. I doubt I can get an entire series done within 2 months. [img]http://otakuboards.com/images/smilies/sweat.gif[/img]

Here is my story pitch: A pre-adult girl by the name of Layla Demensa is a ninja/samurai. She has been trained in the arts of the ninja and trained in the arts and laws of bushido. Layla never knew loving or caring parents since her entire family was either ninja or samurai. But, since she was raised with both teachings, sometimes, her mind may contradict the laws of the Bushido and the ways of the ninja, but she values her own choices in the end.

Not having any real family or friends, she decides to go about the world, being a sword/assassin for hire, and just wants to find a place that is quiet, serene, and generally away from all living things so she can live her life in peace...

I'm still tweaking the story a bit. It's just a base idea. Please comment on this idea and if you have any suggestions, please tell them so I can take them into thought.

Matthew Duffey
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That sounds good so far, I like the idea a lot. I'm not sure about the name, however, if only because it doesn't sound Japanese enough to me for the background that she has. ;)

I'm thinking that since this is more about story development rather than critiquing pictures drawn, and the manga elements that this project holds, that this thread may work better in Manga Workshop than Art Studio. Good luck!
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