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Request 2 Banners please! ^_^


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[SIZE=1][CENTER][COLOR=DarkRed]Hello! ^_^
I would like two banners!
The first banner should say:
[B]Avi Art by Nashwa! Get one Now![/B]
Extra info:
Can you make it in Cursive and make it fancy! ^_^[/COLOR][/CENTER][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][CENTER][COLOR=Navy]The Other banner....
Could you make the banner switch pictures? YOU WILL BE FOREVER LOVED!!!!!
Text 1:
Come to Tsurigane's profile!
With picture:
[IMG]http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d45/Domo_Panda/468b13ce2a9602.png[/IMG] and a blue background.
Text 2:
Or else you'll die!!!!
Picture: Make it seem scary!
The creator will be will be forever loved and sponsored!!!!
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omigawd, these are totally late because I've been very sick T_T I'm so sorry


Is that better? ^^;;


This one was a bit hard T_T because most of the cursive fonts I have are really skinny and have to be really large to see well, so it sorta runs a bit more into the image than I would've liked. Fuuuuu (I also accidently closed the window the old one was in, so it's not 100% the same ^^;)

again, sorry they are late T_T
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[quote name='Syk3']Also, I'll note that if Tsurigane wants to use these in her signature, the animation is going to be a bit big, dimension-wise. We allow banners that are 500 x 100, and this is 150 in height.[/quote]

I'm pretty sure they are for a different forum (I assumed they were for Gaia, based on the images) ^^ But I can pm her and ask.
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