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RPG Doctor Who [PG-V]


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[B][U]Doctor Who[/B][/U]

"It?s times like these I wish I had my sonic screwdriver."
[I]The Eighth Doctor[/I]


[B][U]Episode Cast[/U][/B]
[I]The Doctor[/I]

[I]Amber Wilkey[/I]

[I]Agent Alexander Kremona[/I]

[I]Romana III[/I]

[I]Bethany Spencer[/I]


[I]The Doctor. A Time Lord, an extraterrestrial from the planet Gallifrey, who travels in a time machine called the TARDIS ? Time And Relative Dimensions In Space ? that allows him to reach any point in time and space and is dimensionally transcendental.. The TARDIS originally had the ability to disguise itself according to its environment, but became "stuck" in the form of a police box after landing in London in 1963 and has remained in that shape ever since due to a malfunctioning chameleon circuit. The Doctor has since given up attempting to repair or replace the circuit as he has grown fond of the
police box shape.

For the most part, and usually because the vessel's navigation system is old and unreliable, the
Doctor explores the universe at random and uses his extensive knowledge of science and advanced technology to heroically avert the crises that he encounters. The Doctor has, at various times, been accompanied by companions who have chosen to travel with him for a variety of reasons.

The Doctor, like all Time Lords, has the ability to regenerate, changing his appearance each time he does. New adventures await each newly regenerated Doctor with both old and new enemies just waiting for him, as well as new companions. Cybermen, Daleks, Vampires, Alien Invasions, Civil Wars and TARDIS Malfunctions are just a few of the things lurking in the untold adventures of the Eighth Doctor.[/I]


[B][U]Eighth Impressions[/B][/U]
?Having finally rid himself and his fellow Time Lords of the renegade known as The Master, The Doctor has resumed his wanderings. As one would expect the TARDIS has returned him to Earth, given this Planet has a healthy supply of Companions for the Doctor. However U.N.I.T. have made preparations for the return of The Doctor.?


There hadn?t been anything interesting on Earth for a long time, nothing that anyone else knew about, anyway. UNIT had been hiding a few minor secrets, but a part from that there were no aliens trying to invade, no ancient superpowers rising from the grave to take their revenge, nothing out of the ordinary, really. It was in those boring times that Romana sometimes wished she was still travelling with the Doctor; or maybe it was just London that was boring. After all, they had quite a fascinating adventure in France.

However, there were other ways to keep occupied. Like matchsticks. Romana had found that building a scale model of the Notre Dame Cathedral was interesting and time consuming; she was even occupied by it while a guest was visiting. James Evans, a retired UNIT officer who had befriended Romana.

?Hmm? how am I supposed to do the windows?? Romana muttered to herself. ?Ah, Quality Street wrappers.?

?Can?t you stop that?? James asked. He was a short, old and wise. Plus he knew for a fact Romana had no [I]real[/I] friends.

?No, not yet,? she looked up vaguely from the box of Quality Streets and eyed him. ?Did you eat all the red ones??

?What? No!?

?How am I supposed to do the stained glass without red? ?I might have some Roses around here somewhere to use?? she felt that she should at least pay [I]some[/I] attention to James, so she made some conversation. ?So, heard anything from UNIT??

?I?m retired.?

?I know that.? She grumbled.

?Well, I have heard that the whole organisation is on red alert. I suppose you already know that, but there?s been a lot of activity going on. I don?t know much, you won?t either, it?s all for the full-time members. Apparently there?s something going on with those artefacts they found- ?


?What? Oh, alright. Well all I?ve heard is that UNIT?s on edge, again. Someone?s been trying to hack into their computers, you know.?

?I know that, I?m not stupid.? She grumbled again and swore when she dropped a few matchsticks. ?That means they?ll start asking for my help if they?re on edge.?

?Probably. They need a translator, you know.?

?There?s more people than me. Isn?t there that kid who translates ancient inscriptions? Whatever the hell UNIT is up to they could ask her. I didn?t even know they were up to anything until you just said.?

?She works with ancient inscriptions, not alien translation. I think there?s been some activity in space as well as on Earth; I bet they think there?s going to be another invasion. Things have been quiet for sometime now? I remember back when that old science advisor would come and go? never caught his name? nice man, really. He was a little eccentric, mind you.? James began to drift off, pondering on the man from his past.

Romana stopped ripping Quality Street wrappers and looked up. ?I didn?t know UNIT had a scientific advisor?? she lied.

?You do now. I have to be going now, I?m afraid. I?m sure UNIT will contact you tomorrow.? James said. He got up and gave a polite nod in Romana?s direction. She smiled back.

?You know where the door is.? She told him. James just laughed and found his own way out.

Damn UNIT, always finding patterns in things that were totally irrelevant. There was probably nothing going on, as usual, and they were just making up excuses to dig up old evidence or create some kind of public threat. Maybe they were getting bored. James wasn?t a very reliable source; he was retired, he didn?t know everything that was going on. But if James was right and UNIT was going to call her in it was a chance to show them her latest version of the translation software she had been working on, completely void of glitches. It was surprising how helpful a broken TARDIS could be, the only downfall was that before she took it apart it may still have flown, now it has no chance.

Maybe it was a mistake giving UNIT technology from her TARDIS. But who was going to stop her? The Time Lords? An alien race she?d never heard of? The [I]Doctor[/I]? If it were any of them they would have stopped her already, and they hadn?t, so it was safe to say she was in the clear. Still, it didn?t mean it was okay to hand out technology that was so much more advanced than any human on the planet.

She brushed aside the curtain for the window and watched to make sure James had gone. He was a nice old guy, she didn?t really ask to be his friend, he probably just felt sorry for her. It was through UNIT mostly, James had only recently retired. It didn?t matter how well she knew him, though, he was still just another person, formerly working for UNIT. If UNIT ever found out about her TARDIS then she would be in [I]a lot[/I] of trouble.

Abandoning her Notre Dame model (it was taking forever, anyway), she made her way to the backdoor. On the way there she stopped at a small desk and opened one of the draws, revealing a small white box. She shook it against her ear gently to make sure everything was in it, then proceeded to the backdoor. She stopped before opening it, remembering to take a flashlight in case the TARDIS?s lights weren?t working again.

Outside it was dark and cold, but Romana didn?t mind. It would probably be darker and colder in the TARDIS. Her backyard was pretty straightforward, a long lawn basically, with a shed at the end. In some ways the old wooden shed fitted in perfectly, but there was still something about it that made it stand out more than anything else in her yard (like there was anything else).

Upon reaching the old shed Romana gave one last look around, making sure no one was watching. Cautiously she pulled a necklace over her head from around her neck and looked around again (it really was a nosey neighbourhood). The key was long, spiky and certainly wouldn?t fit any other lock on Earth, except the TARDIS?s. She placed the key in the lock and pushed the door, but it didn?t open on request. Frustrated, she lent against the door with her shoulder and banged it until it opened. Bloody TARDIS.

Yep, it was indeed colder and darker than outside. What could you expect? Hardly anything in the TARDIS worked, in fact, nothing worked. Closing the door behind her she switched on the torch and directed it to the console. Well, the half-console. She looked at the different buttons on the console and flicked a few switches, no surprised to hear not a single buzz or response. There was, however, a dim flash of light seemingly from all around. It was dim, but it was still light.

?Oh, so you?re feeling like cooperating now, are you?? she hissed. The TARDIS retorted with what little life it had left and the dim lights faded. Romana just sighed. ?And I?m supposed to care because??? she asked. She didn?t care if she was going mad, talking to a machine that wasn?t alive, and even if it was it was surely dead. It was nothing like the Doctor?s old thing, just components herself and K9 had put together. ?I?m taking the rest of your wires for my translator, you don?t mind, do you?? she asked again. Obviously there was no reply.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Bethany waited patiently while the officer on duty retrieved her hand held computer for her. She tried to hide her irritation without much success. Bad enough that a few days ago U.N.I.T. had taken her personal computer altogether and replaced it with a new one. But other than to transfer her personal files to the new computer they had kept all the files regarding the dig. All her work, gone, just like that! Well not completely gone since she could type it all up from memory, but still! To have taken her notes like that without warning or explanation was intolerable!

She had of course complained to the officer in charge of the dig, but no answer had been given for the increase in security. If they had just asked her she would have given them the files, after all she did agree that so long as she was working on the dig all the information pertaining to it would be kept confidential until they said otherwise.

?Here you are miss,? the officer said as he gave Bethany her computer.

Bethany took it from him and left without saying a word. She was too annoyed and the last thing she wanted to do was snap at him. After all, it wasn?t his fault his superiors were requiring him to take her computer when she came each day. She just wished someone would tell her what in the world was going on. Everyone seemed to be on edge, and no one would tell her what was happening.

?Bethany! Wait up!? Someone said from behind her. She turned around to see that it was her professor calling to her.

?Well?? She asked him once he caught up with her and had a moment to catch his breath.

?I need to talk to you about the dig.?

Bethany just raised her eyebrow at that statement and said nothing.

Her professor sighed, ?Don?t give me that look, they took all my files as well you know.?

Bethany felt her eyebrow rise even higher. That was news to her. When they took her computer she was sent home that day. So did they take his stuff after she left?

Her professor leaned forward and whispered, ?This isn?t the best place to discuss this you know. How about we go and get a bite to eat? We can discuss it over dinner, my treat of course. I?ll even give you a ride back to your apartment.?

Bethany hesitated, would they get in trouble for discussing the dig offsite? She thought about it for a moment, wondering what she should do. She had never seen the professor act secretive about anything. Did he know what was going on? Surely discussing it with him would be fine; after all they were both working on the dig together. Bethany made up her mind she would go with him.

?Okay.? She replied. I hope I don?t get in trouble for this. She thought as she got into the professor?s car. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Amber pulled back into the shadows of the upper rafters of the abandoned warehouse. There was just barely enough cover to keep her from being seen from below. She sighed, all that work getting set up, the weeks of carefully probing their systems, hacking one level at a time, gone, just like that. She ignored the sound of U.N.I.T?s men searching the abandoned warehouse for any traces of her. Unless they knew she wasn?t human they would never think to look for her up in the rafters.

The sound of blood dripping onto one of the rafters caught her attention. The makeshift bandage she had quickly tied onto her left arm where one of the bullets had grazed her was completely soaked all the way through. If there was one thing she really hated, it was being shot at. Now all she needed to do was find something else to use as a bandage. When she had been running from them she had grabbed something from a clothesline in her path. Movement from the green sash tied around her waist caught her eye; it would certainly do a better job than the small kitchen towel she was using. She undid the sash around her waist and set it gently on the metal rafter in front of her.

Careful to avoid blood dripping down to the floor below, she removed the makeshift bandage and set it next to her sash. She picked up the green sash and after grimacing at the thought of ruining the beautiful green silk material she quickly bandaged the wound. She wrapped it several times using the entire length of the sash. She didn?t want any blood to soak through this time. Even a child would know something was up in the rafters if they found fresh blood on the floor.

The sound of papers rustling seemed abnormally loud to Amber as she emptied her small pack that was attached to her waist. She quickly stuffed her identification papers into her shorts back pocket and then picked up the bloody bandage and put it in her pack. The inner lining was waterproof and should keep any more blood from getting on stuff. Then she cleaned up the blood on the metal rafter as best as she could without the proper materials.

Later once U.N.I.T left the area she would return with some bleach to destroy any traces of her blood. A shout from below caused her to freeze. Amber held her breath but it was only the members of U.N.I.T. leaving the area. She smiled to herself as she heard them leaving the building. Obviously they didn?t realize she could fly and since the stairs in the warehouse had long since collapsed there wasn?t any way for them to even explore the narrow walkways among the metal rafters.

Still it wouldn?t do to be careless. It would be dark soon, she would wait for the cover of darkness to leave the building and go to retrieve her other belongings that were in the locker at the train station. Amber cautiously peered down, keeping back in the shadows so she wouldn?t been seen, the last of the men searching for her exited the building and she heard the clear sound of doors opening and closing and then that of vehicles as they drove away.

Amber sighed. True she had managed to hack into quite a few of U.N.I.T.?s systems, but she hadn?t been able to finish hacking into their most top-secret files. And to top it off, she?d managed to get herself shot this time. At least it was just a flesh wound and thankfully she healed quite a bit quicker than humans did. Within a week it would be completely gone. She wouldn?t even have a scar. But it still throbbed painfully.

She sighed again softly. Now with U.N.I.T. on the alert it would take a lot longer than a few weeks to get set up again to hack into their systems. And it would be equally as difficult to move around town, as the local authorities would probably be looking for her as well. She sighed again and settled in to wait for night to fall.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Although the dinner was quite good Bethany was becoming impatient, they were already to dessert and all the professor had done was make small talk. It was painfully obvious to her that he was nervous as he kept checking the restaurant as if looking for something. Bethany sighed.

?Professor, get to the point please, what did you want to talk about??

He jumped slightly and looked down at his hands for a long moment. Then slowly he pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and after once again looking around the restaurant he slid the paper across the table to her.

Bethany picked up the paper and opened it. For a long moment she was silent, taking in what she had just read. She looked up at the Professor.

?Where did you get this information? Is it true??

?I?ve been keeping a few notes from the translations instead of turning everything in at the end of the day.? He hesitated and then continued. ?I don?t know if they are true or not they won?t give me access to all of the data so I can double check the references.?

She slid the paper back to him and leaned back, if what the professor had shown her was true no wonder UNIT was hiding it from the public!

?Do you have the original text that this was translated from??

?Yes, I still have photo copies at my place that UNIT doesn?t know about. But since they took all the charts we made to index the changes in the translation I?m not sure if my translation is correct. I asked for a copy of it today but I was told that I didn?t have the security clearance to have access.?

He leaned forward and lowered his voice. ?And that?s not all, they asked me all sorts of questions! I think someone has been trying to hack into their computer system to get the information from the dig.?

Bethany was stunned. Was this why they took her computer? Did they think she had tried to hack their systems? She shook her head, just what in the world was going on here? ?Are you sure about that??

He nodded. ?They?re on red alert. There?s supposed to be some big meeting coming up. I over heard some of the officers talking about it.?

Bethany chewed on her lower lip for a moment and then looked up. ?Could you bring your photocopies over to my place tomorrow evening??


?I?ll look for my copy of the index charts we created, if your translation is correct? " She shook her head. "We have to know for sure before we do anything.?

He nodded. ?Agreed.?

They finished dessert and after paying for the dinner the professor dropped Bethany off at the place she was staying at. She went inside and got out her portable printer. It would take a little while but she could type up the chart from memory. If what the Professor had translated was correct? Gods? what a mess! She started typing on her computer? I sincerely hope it?s not true, she thought to herself as she worked on re-creating the chart. [/COLOR]
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[center][i][size=1]Vwoorp. Vwoorp. Vwoorp.[/size]
[size=1]This strange noise was the first sign of the coming of a legendary being. However, it was also the harbinger of disaster, as wherever the Doctor went, trouble surely followed.[/size]

[size=1]A blue police box materialised slowly but surely on a street corner, somewhere in London. As soon as it became completely solid, the door opened, and a young man stepped out, shrugging his jacket onto his shoulders.[/size]

[size=1][b]"London. 21st Century. Interesting choice, Doctor,"[/b] he said, turning back to the second man who had just emerged from the police box. This man looked a lot different, with shoulder-length curly hair, and wearing an old-fashioned looking suit, complete with cravatte.[/size]

[size=1][b]"Hmm? Oh, well you know the TARDIS. You never can quite tell where it is going to end up. Hand me your key, mine seems to have gone missing somewhere. This coat has so many pockets, it's hard to tell where I keep everything,"[/b] replied the Doctor. The first man handed over a small key, which the Doctor locked the TARDIS with.[/size]

[size=1][b]"Thank you, Alex,"[/b] he said, handing the key back. He strolled off, apparently in no particular direction. Alex looked after him, slightly bemused, then followed him.[/size]
[size=1][b]"Where exactly are we going, Doctor?"[/b] asked Alex, hurrying to keep up with this rather odd man.[/size]

[b][size=1]"I believe UNIT headquarters is around here somewhere. I feel like paying an old friend a visit."[/size][/b]
[size=1]"What old friend? Is something going on here that you're not telling me about?"[/size][/b]

[size=1][b]"Oh, undoubtedly. But the only reason I haven't told you is that I don't know myself yet. As soon as I am privvy to that information, you will be made aware of it,"[/b] he replied in that roundabout sort of way the Doctor had a habit of using.[/size]

[b][size=1]"So, there's something going on, but you don't know what it is yet?"[/size]

[size=1]"Absolutely. you do catch on quickly, don't you?"[/size][/b]

[size=1]Alex hadn't been with the Doctor for very long, and was still getting used to his quirkyness, which was in itself vast.[/size]

[size=1][i]It's going to be a long day...[/i]thought Alex with a sigh.[/size]
OOC: Hope that can get this thing up and running again, PM me if there are any problems, vicky.[/b][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Amber waited until the half moon had risen high enough to partially illuminate the abandoned warehouse before flying down from her hiding place in the rafters. She checked her makeshift bandage in the moonlight to make sure no more blood was soaking through. Satisfied that it was in place she quietly left the warehouse to head back to the train station near her flat.

Surprisingly the few local police she encountered didn?t seem to be searching for anyone. Amber was careful to avoid being seen but there was no indication that they were looking for her. Within a very short time she was at the train station. She held back and observed it for a while to make sure no one was waiting to ambush her.

Once she was certain no one was waiting she slipped into the building where the lockers were and retrieved her stuff. Amber smiled to herself as she was leaving the building. Next she would stop at one of the local bars. It was a good thing she kept all of her disks in a separate location. She reached into her backpack and pulled out one of the disks, which had a blue label on it. It would fetch a good price on the black market.

Several hours later Amber walked out of a local department store with several bags and headed back towards the abandoned warehouse. Once inside she set the bags down and pulled out a plastic bucket and set it on the ground. She removed the silk sash and put it in the bucket and then opened the pack fastened around her waist and also put the kitchen towel in as well. Then she removed the pack and put it in as well.

Amber pulled out the medical supplies she had bought and properly bandaged up her left arm. Then she took the gallon of bleach she bought and poured it into the plastic bucket until everything inside was completely covered in the liquid. Once that was done she flew up to the rafter where she had been hiding earlier and poured bleach on the spot where blood had dripped. She applied it several times, making sure all traces of her blood were destroyed and then flew back down to where the bucket and her things were.

Amber carefully picked up the bucket and took it outside and placed it in a dumpster, careful to avoid tipping it over. Now that she had taken care of that she went back into the warehouse to get her things. She was preparing to leave when she realized that back in one of the corners was an old office up higher. She took her stuff and flew up to take a look. In the moonlight she could see an old and battered sofa that was still there.

She walked over and shook the dust off the cushions and sat down. It was surprisingly comfortable. Amber stifled a yawn and got up. Upon checking it was clear that the stairs to the old office were gone. It wasn?t the best place but it would probably be safer than a hotel. Even if the police weren?t looking for her U.N.I.T was bound to still be on the lookout. Once again she stifled a yawn. Amber walked back to her stuff and pulled out a small throw blanket and the water bottle and sandwich she had bought earlier. She took her stuff over to the couch and sat down. Tomorrow she would look for a new place to stay. She finished her sandwich and curled up under the throw blanket. A few minutes later she was fast asleep.[/COLOR]
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