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Art Comic-al battle?


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I remember doing this on the MegaTokyo boards a while back but it seems to have died down there.

Basically the idea is to introduce a character of your own, and toss them back and forth with the other artist, usually in a sequence each artist does a page alternating.(Heck you could even get 3+ artists in) Whie the subject can be anything from a fist fight to a daily conversation with gags to an expidition at the shopping mall at christmas... It doesn't matter, all the creative twists test the skills of the other artist. In the end you come up with an elaborate creation. with a somewhat continuing storyline. After 10 or so pages, we can elave it up to viewers for a vote.

Any takers?
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I'm not sure I completely follow.

Are these character introductions through stories, physical descriptions, or drawings? What do you mean by "toss them back and forth"? What sequence of pages are you talking about? Where does the subject tie in? How are storylines continued, though writing or drawing? Are artists supposed to add to each others work, or put the characters into new situations, or what?

Hopefully this will help others who might want to participate. :)
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