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Hoodwinked... is good!


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Y'know, walking into the theatre I was like "Oh great, another cutesy movie full of stupid jokes" thinking it would be like Ice Age or something.

I was pleasently surprised, though, as it was really good. Ecah of the charachters was awesome, not like usual red riding hood stories. Okay, the grandma, as in most of those stories, was a total kickass extreme sports player, and Lil red was a karate champ, but both of them were much deeper than that. And that retard wolf we usually get was replaced with the cool and calm reporter wolf and his hyperactive squirrel sidekick.

The police force of woodland charachters was hilarious, and the frog detective was great too, but by far the best chrachter in the whole movie was the rabbit. He makes appearancesin each of the stories [spoiler]and in the end turns out to be the evil genius behind the whole thing.[/spoiler]

The fight scenes in this movie I actually thought were really cool and pulled off well.

The movie was funny, but in a different way then the usual crap like Maagascar and Ice Age. I really liked this movie.
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