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I don't exactly post on online forums that often so I figured I might as well make one thread where I will post my artwork whenever I do find the time/motivation/will to log onto OB.

[b]Past works:[/b]

[b]Most Recent Work:[/b]
See Attachment -

The attached image is a layout I am working on - or at least I thought I was working on - for my friend's band "Surrender at Dawn". It's in the early stages right now, but I like the way it's coming along. My intent is to add some sort of simple flash rollovers and transitions to the layout when it is complete and use it for my Advanced Web Page design final project but that idea may change due to time constraints.

I have more stuff I can post but i'll post them later...
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[size=1]Wow, truly amazing. I really do admire your graphics style, it's quite inspiring.

On your [b]LogoDemo[/b], those are remarkable. They're simple, and yet have a complexity to them thats really amazing. Nice job on those.

There really is nothing I could say that's wrong with the attached image. That white border of yours though looks too feathery. Especially near the bottom where it seperates the black and red, it starts getting light and just a tad bit wierd.

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Not exactly the amount of responeses I was hoping for but thanks for taking the time to comment on my work Lan :=]

I have actually created quite a bit of content since my last post but I figured i'd just display some of my pixel work for now:



As you can see from the first image these are all characters I am (in some cases *was*) designing for an RPGMaker XP game I plan on creating =D

I'm relatively new to pixel art but I feel that i'm starting to come along. The second image is more or less complete, i'll probably edit the hair up a bit but that'll come at a later date...
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[size=1]These look pretty good, to tell you the truth. In general, the character feels a bit 'clunky' (the hands and feet most noticably), but for your first character, it's great.

I'd recommend a study of feet/shoes on pixel characters, as that seems to be one of your weak spots. Truth me told, it looks like the characters are walking on parallelograms, but that might just be me. The hands are similar in the respect that they look like a mitten rather than a glove, if you get what I'm trying to say. The hair has minor errors, like it looks a bit 'thick,' but that's not a huge deal to me.

You might do well changing the color of his pants -- they're too close in color with his hair.

But again, as your first, really top-notch job![/size]
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I actually left the feet and hands as the default feet and hands on the template i'm using (which i'll post later :=P. However someone on another forum I post at also commented on the feet so I will most likely add boots of some kind to the character)... But --->


This was just a quick screenshot I took from a game I was working on in RPGMaker and then proceeded to edit in Photoshop. Everything you see in the screenshot is from the default RTP set (so I didn't make those characters or the tileset =O) but I did edit the character sprite so that it looks like it had been pinned to the wall with a sword through it... And I added the red eyes to the door and windows... Meh if you've ever used the program before what I did do should be self evident but this was just a "for fun" piece.

([i]The term Yokai was taken from the Anime series, "(The) Karas". While my interest in anime has dropped off a bit Karas has to one of the most gorgeous anime I have ever seen, it boots a story rivaling classics such as Rurouni Kenshin as well).[/i]
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