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Writing Echo [PG]


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I raised my hand to speak just a few words.
I was denied my own truth.
I cried for some honesty.
No one heard what I asked.
I wished for the beauty that would belie friendship.
I wished for resolve.
I relinquished my authority for some answers.
But none came to my aid.
Somewhere in this prison
Somewhere I crawl.
I asked for forgiveness
I asked for love
When the world denied me happiness
When the world crashed down
I had your loving arms to accept my verdict
Of being guilty
So now I watch you take my fall
The one that belongs to me alone
And I wonder how you came to love me
In my angelic demise
An oxymoron I am
Lyrical but I cannot speak
I feel lost within your presence
Your beauty is unfathomable
Your silken voice is my retreat
Where have I seen such wonder
Where have I seen such honesty
You are the echo over my voice
The constant ring of majestic poise
I have fallen for you so quick
And now I feel no wrong in doing so
Though I have felt that way before
Thank you for taking my place
Thank you for loving me as I am
My echo..

To echoavalon
And all his lyrical majesty
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That was okay, pretty cool. It was interesting, if a little on the boring side. Try cutting some useless words out. Are you in love with echoavalon? Nevermind, that's for a different time and place.

Anyway, Id have to say your ability to write poetry is far greater than your ability to make up cool names. BTW, this will be closed for lack of rating.
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