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Writing Otaku Club with Jiminy Critic! [E]


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[color=crimson]Welcome to the [b]Otaku Club[/b], my name is Jiminy critic, your host with the most, interviewing the most influential people on the OtakuBoards today, and even some who aren't but think like hell they are. *Done totally without permission form the participants, what fun would that have been?

[u][b]Episode I[/b][/u]

Our first guest today is none other than the legendary Otaku Pirate himself, give it up for [b]Dragon Warrior[/b]!
Dragon warrior[/b]: Hey, great to be here.
[b]Jiminy:[/b] I know, you're my first guest.
[b]DW:[/b] Really? Wow! *pumps fist into the air and jumps on the couch*
[b]Jiminy:[/b] Wow, you must really love Oprah.
[b]DW:[/b] Who the hell is Oprah?
[b]Jiminy:[/b] Never mind. DW, critics have panned your latest gorefest, When Robots Attack, as the master of satire and other humorous bits, how do you feel about that?
[b]DW:[/b] I didn't pen that story.
[b]Jiminy:[/b] Ah, Um, well, deny it if you must. Anyway, Critics have raved about your other masterpiece, Dusty DW and the Otaku Kid, some even calling it a classic for the ages, what do you make of the hype?
[b]DW:[/b] I dunno about the ages part, I want it to be hysterical for people, not their assigned number!
[b]Jiminy:[/b] I see....
[b]DW:[/b] No you don't see, it was a joke you humorless pansy!
[b]Jiminy:[/b] I see (LOL) So anyway, alot has been made by certain focus groups about the harem of women that follow you around, many have mentioned that this give the impression to todays impressionable you that it is alright to take multiple mistresses, comments?
[b]DW:[/b] Hey, well, I don't make my features for Focus on the Family closet groups, haha! I mean, I can take whatever women, how many women I want, I'm the Otaku Pirate, Arrgh!
[b]Jiminy:[/b] Cool, but was that Arrgh totally neccesary? Er you trying to be an stereotypical pirate?
[b]DW:[/b] Shut your mouth! *coos* Don't mention the cooing either!
[b]Jiminy:[/b] sweet, our next guest today is Jack Thompson, Miami lawyer and anti gaming-with-a-hint-of-blood crusader! Hello, Mr. thompson.
[b]Jack:[/b] omg DW ur tha d3vil and u shul be benned from takin you saYTANICK TRASHHZ!!1
[b]Jiminy:[/b] Jack was banned, pity.
[b]DW:[/b] *pumps fist into the air and jumps on the couch* I love that, I love that, I love that!
[b]Jiminy:[/b] You sure you've never seen Oprah?
[b]DW:[/b] Never been to the operatin theatre in all my life!
[b]Jiminy:[/b] Oh, ok. So, where does a Black mage like you get his inspiration for all this satire from? Mad Magazines, reversed Black Sabath records, Martha Stewart?
[b]DW:[/b] My pet Cactuar tells me what to write, he's my pet and I love him, he can taalk, taalkies, did you know thaat?
Jiminy: uh, no?
[b]DW:[/b] Well, he can *pulls out a cactuar and starts talking to it and pricking his fingers on the spikes.*
[b]Jiminy:[/b] You got a silly grin on your face while doing that, this is getting creepy...
[b]DW:[/b] I know. *puts cactuar away* sorry, but you can come out later.
[b]Jiminy:[/b] working on Dusty DW, how does that compare with some of your other works?
[b]DW:[/b] Well, I couldn't get my dialect right for this one, but figured out the tags so it was okay, I guess. It was a lot more arid than any of the other locations I have shot in, I found myself constantly casting spells to turn rocks into water!
[b]Jiminy:[/b] But you only wrote about the wild west, there was no film....
[b]DW:[/b] That's what you think! We had the entire thing shot and produced in four days with Kurt Russel playing me! how else do you do a movie adaptation for OtakuBoards without having a movie first?
[b]Jiminy: [/b]that's dedication for ya, I hope you were able to pay the actors well.
DW: We payed Kurt a hotdog for each time he said "hot diggity!" he was happy with that, we edited out the "hot diggitie's" from final production though.
[b]Jiminy:[/b] good plan. Anyway, will you release the movie since it is all there ready for Holly"turn-any-old-book-into-a-movie"Wood??
[b]DW:[/b] That movie we shot is A-Class Hollywood material, so hell no! That ain't even fit for the test chimpanzees to see!
[b]Jiminy:[/b] brilliant, thanks for doing us a favourable service.
[b]DW:[/b] You're welcome, argh!
[b]Jiminy:[/b] well, we're out of time here, I just like to thank you for participating on our first ever show, and good luck to you in your closing chapters for Dusty DW, and your future career with OB.
[b]DW:[/b] Do you have to spew that crud every time somebody leaves the show?
[b]Jiminy:[/b] It makes me feel important.

Well folks, that's all we have time for, be sure to check back next episode, where we interview one of OB's most-loved satirists and Image Macro guru, Brasil! until next time, take care of yourself, and each other.

[b]DW: [/b]You watch too many Springer shows!
[b]Jack: [/b]I pwnzred ur ahol3! yer gunnin 2 h3ll!
[b]DW:[/b] *casts spell to mute Jack, causing him to exploe*
[b]Jiminy:[/b] satisfying conclusion. [/color]
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