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Manga Lettering, inking, and toneing


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[quote name='the_sixth_child']Those three things are what I need the most work on when it comes to drawing manga...what can I do to get better?[/quote]

Practice XD;;; *shot dead*

Inking just takes practice ^^; and nice pens always help.

As for the other two, are you doing them by hand or with a computer? Can you be a little more specific with what you need help with?

Art of Otaku has a tutorial on doing screentone, but it's mostly on tools and a quick run though on the process. Nothing super detailed.
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If you add tone in photo shop, what I do is select the area I want using the polygonal lasso tool. I scan in all my tone patterns (from tone I buy) and then paste into and move it around or resize as needed (since I had the area selected and pasted into it, I can do this inside the selected area only).

I know they sell programs are that specificaly for tone, but I don't own any T_T but you can find tons of tone patterns online if you look around~

But, like I mentioned, there's a tutorial on doing tone by hand in [url=http://www.artofotaku.com/]Art of Otaku.[/url] It goes over tools and the process. It's a bit hard to describe without writting tons about it, but you just have to work carefully ^^; and make sure all your tools are nice and sharp.
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