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Anime Appleseed


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From the Great mind of Shirow Masamune who bought you Ghost In The Shell, comes Appleseed a film that is believed to be the pinnacle of CG Anime. Set at the end of the third world war in a utopian society where humans coexist with Bioroids (atificial humans). A female mercinary by the name of Deunan Nute who is Plucked from the badlands of war to serve an elite crime fighting team called ESWAT begins to see cracks in this new facade. And what does this community have in store for the future of Mankind?

This Movie is of great style and integrity and is the probably greatest of the CG animations.

I also just purchased the Limited Edition DVD (its Awesome!!!) :animenose
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This is a beautiful movie. I have seen bits and pieces of it being screened at my local mall. I have yet to watch it, but I will be able to very soon.
In all honesty, the only Masamune series I am familiar with (other than Appleseed) is the ever popular, Ghost in the Shell. It's only natural that a stunning piece like Appleseed would come from the creator of Ghost in the Shell. Not only that, the beautiful main character, in a futuristic, robot infested world doesn't seem unnatural after Ghost in the Shell.
Like I said, I plan to watch this movie soon, and I will definately post what I think of it.

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[COLOR=Teal]I own the second movie, which is the only one I ever seen. But even so, I simply love the graphic design and creativity of the cities and lifestyles. They really worked their heart out to make it look as animated as possible (Meaning when you see the 3d graphics it looks out of place.). The storyline was good as well and I must admit at first I thought she was a guy (By looking at the cover), man was I wrong. Since I haven't watched this in a year or so, I don't recall the characters names, so i apologise. Anyhow spoilers ahead:

[spoiler] It was a sad love story with the female, when they were in battle, her loved one had saved her and she thought he was dead. But when she was captured (Well she thought she was), she reunited with him. But when she saw him, he was more of a machine than human. He had been salvaged from the battle field. I did like the fact that there were to different races, ones that couldn't feel affection or reproduce, while the humans could. Oh and they had that life bracelet on them, which they had to get checked before it runs out. The whole Bioroids (Yes i'm looking at my dvd back cover of appleseed ^.^) idea was brilliant. The gir'ls name is Deunan Knute...yea i'msmart...lol and she kicked butt, I liked her role as well has her new Bioroid friend and who knew her name was th password too.[/spoiler]

Yea this is one of my favorite anime movies.[/COLOR]
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Guest darkruler
i've seen it and it's not bad and it's not great either but to give my honest opinion even though i thought it wasn't the greatest it's a must buy because some of the action scenes are freakin awesome and i simply loved the way the anime was done i would watch this movie over and over again if i owned it and if u don't believe me rent it and i haven't seen to many movies done with the animation like that besides appleseed and i haven't seen advent children yet but i would like to and i know it had a 3d anime look to it to but if anyone knows of anyothers like it please pm me i'd like to know.
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[quote name='darkruler']if anyone knows of anyothers like it please pm me i'd like to know.[/quote]
Hey Darkruler,
You may want to write in more than once sentence, it helps the reader understand a little easier. ^^ Punctuations are your friends.

Also, about CG/Anime. I have to admit that I'm not the most educated on the topic, but I know a few things.

If you liked Appleseed, it has the same Mangaka (but I just found out, different Director) as Ghost in the Shell. [B]Ghost in the Shell[/B] was famous for being the first Anime to use cel-animation and cg animation. It was so popular that it now has two sequels.
Produced by the ever acclaimed GONZO is [B]Blue Submarine No. 6[/B]. It's also a sci-fi that blends CG and Cell-shading. But it seems to take place more underwater.


I've now watched the first half of Appleseed via Fansub. I have to say that I am not disappointed. I now want to buy the DVD. XD
According to Anime News Network there is supposed to be a sequel coming out this year? As well as a Playstation game and a 26-Episode Series! [url=

By the way, has anyone seen the 1988 version of this movie?

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[COLOR=Blue]i also love Appleseed, but not necessarily for it's animation although the animation is def awesome. honestly i thought the animation in Advent Children is better, but i dunno it that would be fair to say that because i think the [I]style[/I] of cg animation in Appleseed is just different. but the music was good too.

what i loved most about Appleseed though was the concept above all. the idea that maybe humanity is destined to destroy itself is def feasible. it might become a reality that we may have to use technology in order to find a way that we don't destroy ourselves. [spoiler]and i don't mean to sound like too much of a nature freak but i think making the bioroids able to function to their full capacity as normal human beings can was the only way to save humans. i mean, if they are limited by their "category" ((race??)) then they would just be put off and discrimintated against as a group because of their tendencies. but, if their integrated into the human race then the concerns of the humans will become more linked to to concerns of the bioroids. lol, does anyone understand what i'm talking about? [/spoiler]

my 2 favorite parts of the movie would prolly have to be:
[spoiler]1. when Deunan is with Hitomi and they're attached by the 2 androids

2. & epecially when Deunan takes out that whole unit in the training exercise. i love it how she x's out how many she's taken out on her arm![/spoiler]

but i didn't know that there was a sequel . . . i'll have to check that out. and for anyone who hasn't seen Blue Submarine No. 6- u need to. i own it and i love it, the concepts in that are interesting as well, tho it's prolly a bit harder to follow than Appleseed. the way they integrate cg animation into the cells is awesome, and the soundtrack just rocks.[/COLOR]
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