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Freedom of Speech

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George Bush hates black people? Someone must have forgot to tell Condie and Colin Powell. :animeangr

Anyway, free speech does more good than bad. I think the stupid lawsuit phase is over and judges are actually throwing cases out now that are just plain stupid. Anyway, there's a reason free speech was in the First Amendment. Sure people are gonna be offended, but big whoop. Take it all in stride or get out, don't ruin one of the best institutions in the free world because someone takes offense to some insignificant insult. That just shows their character. Feel better knowing how much better off you are than them.

Besides, its only high school. Four years of whatever and then college. Don't seriously contemplate taking away freedom of speech because high school doesn't allow complete freedom. Besides, in high school, we're mostly minors under the supervision of government employees, so of course there's gonna be stuff regulated. When you go home or off campus or something like that, say what you want, well, don't disturb the peace or anything, but you get the point.

Freedom of Speech does our society a whole lot more good than bad.
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That wasn't really the point was trying to make.
The point is that Kanye West exercised his right to free speech, and did you see how uncomfortable even Mike Myers looked?
There was obviously going to be some criticism, but I'm sure alot of African American families would have liked to say something to that effect as well. There were alot of people angry at the response to the disaster who I'm sure would have liked their anger voiced.
At least someone became a spokesperson for them.
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[font=Trebuchet MS]I think Kanye West actually said "George Bush [b]doesn't care about [/b]black people", not that he hates them. That would have been a bit over the top.

While this is kind of a different take on the subject, since it all started with renayiiq's opinion on freedom of speech I'm going to merge it with Amelia's freedom of speech thread. Just for tidiness' sake.
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[quote name='renayiiq']Today's society SUCKS, have you not noticed that?[/quote]
[size=1]Riiiight. No, I haven't really noticed all that much.

[quote]How come I can ALREADY get FINED for saying something to someone? HUH? That's right. Because it's nto really "free" anyways. We already have limited speech. We should just drop the name of "free" speech and change it to "limited" speech, really. It's almost gotten to the point of what I'm saying we should do. In about 100 years, what I'm say9ing will be in effect because people can't take being offended because they whine too much about "boo hoo, you called me a whore! I'm going to sue you! whether or not it's true, I'm still offended! Officer! Officer! Fine this person for saying mean things to me!" Yeah, I've almost been fined. So I should know.[/QUOTE]
[size=1]I said in another thread, I believe, that your right to Freedom of Speech ends where someone else's nose beings. Your right to Freedom of Speech cannot hinder another citizen's of life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness. Slander is against the law, I believe. I mean, a [credible] newspaper (e.g. The Washington Post) can't go out and say "BUsh did crackwtflolkthxbai!11" because it really, [i]really[/i] damages his credibility.

Yeah, we have limited speech, but it's not as severly limited as you make it out to be. Think about it -- if the freedom of speech was an unjust law, wouldn't more people be voicing the same opinions as you? It's a commonly accepted fact that our Freedom of Speech is a-okay -- by both Democrats and Republicans. I think you might be being a little brash about the whole thing. America's not 1984, no matter how much you make it out to be (yes, even with the PATRIOT Act!).[/size]
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[QUOTE=Raiyuu][font=Trebuchet MS]I think Kanye West actually said "George Bush [b]doesn't care about [/b]black people", not that he hates them. That would have been a bit over the top.

While this is kind of a different take on the subject, since it all started with renayiiq's opinion on freedom of speech I'm going to merge it with Amelia's freedom of speech thread. Just for tidiness' sake.
Just providing a different point of view, is all.
No need to be too critical. They are, of course, just opinions.
Ohhhh the irony. :catgirl:
My quoting wasn't per batem either, but thanks for pointing that out.
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[QUOTE=renayiiq]Yeah. I think I've finally had it with all of this free speech stuff. Certain people have more rights than others. In order not to offend anyone, I will not provide any examples.
I think that we should have "limited speech." So if you say something that someone doesn't like, you get fined. That's how it works in the public school system, so why not just everywhere else? I'm so tired of people complaining that they're offended.
I think it's really time to let everyone else win...if you don't, then you'll only end up losing everything in the war. People like me who want REAL free speech and want to feel free to offend will never win. Some prick will always ruin it for us.

I want to know what everyone thinks about this. I'm also just posting this to let at least part of the world (even if this little chunk of people really couldn't care less if I got ran over by a train) that I have finally given up. I'm letting the world win. I may even take out my piercing. It offends the school system, so why not just shut them up, right?

Sorry, I'm just fed up.

So, what do you think about this idea?[/QUOTE][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Limited speech? Ummm?. No. The fact that your school doesn?t allow certain forms of speech is not a good reason to do away with freedom of speech for everyone. Public Schools are for getting an education and not for spending your time offending others just cause you disagree or don?t like them. By limiting certain types of speech the schools are creating an environment that promotes free speech. Or rather an understanding that free speech is fine so long as you are not infringing on others or slandering them.

People have the right to be able to attend school without the fear of constantly being verbally attacked by others. And what does removing your piercing have to do with free speech? So others disapprove of it. That?s the whole point of free speech, to disagree with others, so long as the school doesn?t have a rule preventing you having one I would leave it in.

If we really did have limited speech even your right to post saying you object would be taken from you and you would be punished for even posting! There are so many different cultures and beliefs and that?s what free speech is about, the right to have different opinions and to believe differently. Or to say you disagree with something in a polite way. Free speech is far more than wanting to ?feel free to offend?

So you can?t just offend others whenever you want to, well my free speech opinion on that is: I think no one should have the right to just go around offending others. So I agree with the policy at school that you can?t offend other kids. I go to school to learn not to listen to kids fight and argue just cause they don?t agree.
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"Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too."[INDENT]-Voltaire[/INDENT](yes, i realise the irony/hypocrisy in quoting that.)

I think too many people(generally speaking, anyway)argue and debate to try to sway peoples opinions.

[B]On the matter of flag burning:[/B] I think that the people who do that know that it makes people angry: That's the point. It is an extreme tactic meant to draw attention to whatever cause theyre fighting for. You need to understand that the flag is a symbol. Instead of fighting to protect the symbol, fight to protect (or even better, in this case) what it symbolizes.

[B]And finally, on the matter of free speech[/B]: In many, if not most cases, the freedom of speech is very ambiguous. One must remember that it was made to allow people the rite to express ideas and belief without government restriction. People can say what they want, and most of the time you'll just have to deal with it. But it goes both ways, and they have to deal with whatever your stance is. It was never designed with a double standard in mind, but with political parties, double standards are often unavoidable.

I could probably say some more, but to combine some Voltaire:
"A witty saying proves nothing, and the secret of being a bore is to tell everything."
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