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Art Piece of boredum... I mean art


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[color=#9944ff][font=lucida calligraphy]I was bored one afternoon and decided to draw... And I have no idea what I drew only that the girl's legs are messed up and I don't like how the guy turned out at all, but anyway opinions?


I have more if anyone wants to see them.[/color][/font]
[b]EDIT:[/b] [size=1]I took out the [IMG] tag so that OB isn't stretched out. It's an amendment to the rules, but it's all good.

- Retribution[/size][/COLOR]
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[size=1]The drawing seems like it was made in no more then an hour--for that time, it's quite good. There are a few flaws though.

The guy's left arm has a wierd lump and his head looks odd. His eyes are slightly askew and his hips are rather thin for a male.

As for the girl, I can't tell which way her body is facing. I assume it's her back, considering the way her legs are facing. Her legs are, like you said, a little messed up. You can't really tell where her knee is. Her fingers are also odd. As for her face, it's alright except it's a little long and out of proportion with her body.[/size]
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