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Writing Revelation of Steel


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ok here it goes... i decided to make a manga-worthy fanfic about my favorite game,
[FONT=Garamond][B][COLOR=Red][SIZE=4]RF online[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B] [/FONT]. hope you like it. pls rate.


[COLOR=Red][I]Check OS[/I] [/COLOR]



A red metallic orb flashed to life in the dark halls of the recharging bay.


[I]a voice in the dark whispered,[/I]

[COLOR=Green][B]Unit 48x-845790[/B]...[B]Activation complete[/B], [B]fully charged and ready for orders[/B].[/COLOR]

As the voice stopped... a small control unit flashed on and beeped,

[COLOR=Red][B]Unit 48x-845790, report immidiately to gate 4. Prepare for battle.[/B][/COLOR]

the voice answered,

[COLOR=Green][B]Affirmative. Unit 48x-845790 received and acknowledged orders.[/B][/COLOR]

the figure stood up, walked to the closed doorway, pressed some digits and in a beam of light, vanished.

three thousand miles away, in the bellato camp living quarters...


a sweating, afraid Alexander suddenly woke up fearing the darkness around him...

Suddenly, three armored figures with glowing sabers, busted the door, entered the room, scanning for any intruders.

Are you ok, sir? one of them asked Alexander.

It's ok, he replied. I was just having a nightmare about tomorrow.It feels as if something bad will happen, he continued.

But sir, Its been 2 days. you keep having these strange nightmares, a woman replied.you should go to the meditation room, you know, to clear your mind sir.

No thanks, but i'm ok.

are you sure,sir?

yes, i'm fine... just need to get a good cup of coffee, replied Alexander. Ok then back to your stations troops!

Sir! Yes! Sir!

and with that, they repaired the door and left the Lt. in silence.

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[color=darkblue][size=1]I combined your posts into one, since none of them really go over the size limit (10,000 characters).

Also, I'm more inclined to move this over to OB Anthology, due to the fact that this is more of a fanfiction than anything having to do with manga. That being said, I think I will.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=#B2566B]Hello,[/color] xXxiTaChixXx[color=#B2566B] and welcome to the OB Anthology. I have closed this thread due to the fact that it possesses no [B]RATING[/B] though it has been redirected.

If you wish to recreate this thread, you may do so [i]but[/i] please remember that you must have a proper [B]RATING SYSTEM[/B]. Should there be any questions, please refer to reading the OB Anthology Basics.

THREAD CLOSED.[/size][/color]
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