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[color=darkslateblue] So I was bored and I was thinking about what dress I would like to design for myself if I ever did. :D


That's not exactly the dress I had in mind... it didn't really remind me of a dress you'd wear to a dance or something. Maybe a cocktail dress? *shrug*


Just an outfit I made up. Her eyes were placed in the wrong place on her face. v_v


This guy was a character I drew a long time ago, and I think I've just randomly drawn him ever since. Typical bishounen. (Yes, I know the weapon things are totally weird looking. >_>)

I did these quicks and aren't very serious pictures, but any critique and comments are welcome![/color]
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For a fast sketch, pretty good, but to decipher the clothes it's too scribbly--can't make out too many things--it's all a jumble. Nothing imparticular is focused on.

I like the idea ya have goin' with the fashions--just clean up the lines.
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[size=1][color=slategray]It's always a pleasure to look at your designs, Lunox.
I'm loving the dress, sleek and sexy. ^_~ I like how the straps come up and attach to the collar. It sort of reminds me of my sister's dress for prom last year, except her's had gems over the bossom and such. I like the hairstyle you gave the model, too, free and natural-looking.

For the second picture, I have four to five words for you: I want that shirt/jacket. XD

Actually, I don't think his weapons are weird, they actually have swords/daggers like that. I don't remember what they are called... wave swords? I'm not sure. But I've seen them on games like Soul Calibur and stuff. ANYWAY... aww, he's cute. XD

They're awesome for quick sketches. Keep drawing![/color][/size]
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