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Sign Up Deverry, Bardek, and the Westlands [M-SVL]


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[font=times][COLOR=DarkOrchid][i]Requirements to sign up here include:

1: A knowledge of Katherine Kerr's Deverry/Westlands novels and the DragonMage series.

2: A penchant for villainy and dark dweomer.

3: The ability to write coherently, and for longer than five paragraphs.[/i]

Of course there will only be one signup besides mine and a pre-determined male's. But everyone who fits the bill can apply. It'll simply be up to me and the aforementioned male. So let me restate in clear and no uncertain terms. I will be accepting ONE person to play villain. But if you want to be his apprentice, and you must be a male character as well...then you can certainly try.
You might wonder why this signup is slightly off. Well to make a long story short, the Onmyoji like astronomers and the like of the dark dweomer keep meticulous records on those who might affect the balance of light and dark. Da'nalla is one of those unfortunate souls. If you're a villain though, you'll keep meticulous records on yourself as well.

Name: Da'nalla ap Inalaeana

Age: 75

Species: 1/4 Elf, 3/4 Human

Appearance: see attachment. Only slightly curled elfin ears, somewhat normal pupils but unnatural coloration (They're a bright yellow gold). Light skin, often hooded, roughly 5'6", dark brown hair, slender fingers, wide hips.

Historical notes: Da'nalla lost her parents to the Hawks of the Brotherhood when she was 12, then traveled to the Westlands soon after. While growing up, she studied the dweomer of light from the enchantress Dallandra. Naturally, she made rapid progress, having the elfish proliclivity for the light as well as the ability to shape change into an unclassified bird of prey. Trained with the blade as well as the longbow by an Eldidd sailor. Whereabouts currently unknown.

Parents names: Father: Glynn of Eldidd. Mother: Inalaeana of the southern islands.

Birth date: 1200 Deverry time; High King Maryn ruling in Dun Deverry.[/COLOR][/font]
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