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Request .hack set please


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LOL, now, I want to change my banner and avi every two-three months. Usually Katana does mine :animesmil If she doesn't do ths one I'll get someone else's. Heh, Anyway,

Avi- I'd like a banner that says .hack with 3.0 behind it. Can ya use the original .hack insomnia? That says dot in the circle with lowercase hack after that? Thanx

Banner- I'd like a banner with my .hack character on it. I'd like it to say login_Nomura in the bottom right corner. And the rest of the banner be my character? This may take some drawing, LOL. So can ya draw my character? Here he is.


If you can't do that, I'd like a banner Elk, Tsukasa, Kite, And shugo. But I would tottally praise you if you did one of my character :animesmil
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