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Gaming video game vixens


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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Sigh...

Think that if nobody puts more effort into their posts, then this thread will cease to exist, soon.

Anyway, I feel that a Vixen doesn't just have good looks, but a bunch of style, and personality as well. Someone like that is Chun-Li in the Street Fighter Series. She has a bunch of style in her fighting skill and outfit, AND a goal in thought: to take down the killer of her father, M. Bison. She's so cool, plus she was the first female in Street Fighter (I think...), And her outfit design she had was original, and her attacks were freakin' cool.


So, yeah. I think I saved this thread. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[quote name='Tatsubei Yagyu][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS]So, yeah. I think I saved this thread. [/FONT'][/COLOR][/quote]

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Oh wait for me! I have the rope to save it from the pit! xD

How can you forget about Samus though? I mean if there isnt any female who has been able to kick more Space Pirate *** and so many other creatures than I can count? I mean when I first started playing Meteroid Prime 2 Echos and I saw some of the things she has had to go through. Half of that stuff I would just say" **** that I am going home." Get back into my ship and just leave...I wouldn't go through all of that...I must admit that for a female, Samus really does have the balls to kick major Video game arse.

Same factor for Ada Wong as well. I mean Zombies, lets get together for a second and think. How many of use would really go against a massive group of zombies only armed with the guns that you either "find" or take off of someone else? You have to admit, that the Vixens just may be braver than any current males... I know they are better than I am. [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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Though their not that popular (with a lot of gamers) I like to bring the classic ladies back to the stage. Definately the girls from resident Evil are VG:Vixens to me, their smart and cunning and know how to look good and kill things at the same time, lol. Plus their just plain awsome :catgirl:

[IMG]http://www.japanlink.de/images/pic_mk_medien_nemesis.gif[/IMG] Jill Valentine

[IMG]http://media.g4tv.com/images/imagedb2/333/33308_L.jpg[/IMG] Ada Wong

[IMG]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/1/11/Claire_redfield.jpg/364px-Claire_redfield.jpg[/IMG] Claire Redfeild
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:animenose Lets see... style, check, hot, check, inocent but still can kick your *****, check. Whatelse could you want. :animesmil
Lord biggest pic ever. :animeswea
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