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Youre gonna love this


About= Every full moon a war of samurai terrorize this city called Sunraiser
and take the cities gold. Know two friens and three brothers join forces to defeat the samurai all for there own reasons.

Characters=Taki,Tai,Kokuchi,Miyamo,and Funro

Pm me if you have any questions
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There isn't much for me to go off of here, so basically all I have to say is bad due to lack of information. With more information, and spell check, I might be able to give you a more positive critique.

First, the title of the manga is one word. Maybe this was out of laziness, but my inner grammar freak is really bugging me about that.

Clearly with the names and the use of samurai (it's overdone, but I won't go there) you mean this to take place in Japan, yes? Nowhere else in the world would there be samurai or so many Japanese names, so why is the name of the town clearly not Japanese? If you?re going to use Japan as your location, do it well.

You've given no personalities, no reasons for why things happen, no actual meat for a story. I completely agree with Samurai Mix that if you want to get feedback on this- you do want feedback, right?- you must give more information.
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Honestly, now. Were you expecting people to read over this and go "Ohmygosh! This is the single greatest idea I've ever heard!"

If you really think it's such a good story, convince us. Give us details, man. We wanna know everything about the characters, plot, themes, motives, relationships, twists, villains... everything! I'm not saying what you've got here's necessarily a bad idea... but it's not even a [i]full[/i] idea. It might actually be pretty good... I can't tell, though.
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Guest zer0 da shadow
I would need more info about the story. If i were just to look over it wouldn?t seem very interesting you know.
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