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RPG Ultimate X-Men: New Beginnings [M-VLS]


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[center][size=1][b][u][size=2]Ultimate X-Men: New Beginnings

[/size][/u][/b][/size][left][size=1][b]"This uniform is a little strange, don't you think, Professor?" [/b]asked Alex Summers, pulling on the black-and-gold latex uniform he had been fitted for some weeks ago.

[b]"Not at all, Alex," [/b]replied the bald man, sitting in his wheelchair, [b]"It is entirely practical. The latex is tight-fitting, for extra movement, and you have to admit, it is comfortable. Plus, an added extra, made for us specially by Dr Reed Richards, they make your DNA completely invisible to Sentinels. To them, whilst wearing this uniform, you are a normal human male."

"Well, I guess that's one upside," [/b]said Alex, finally throwing on the black leather jacket that covered the whole uniform. He had to admit, it did feel pretty good. It was comfortable, and, much to his surprise, it was reasonably fashionable. He flexed his fingers in their fingerless leather gloves, and smiled. He was going to enjoy this.

[b]"So, have you found anyone new for us to talk to?" [/b]Alex asked the Professor, standing behind him as he placed a computerised metal helmet on his head.

[b]"I have one person...a young man named Jonathon Starsmore. He has a strange ability, namely the power to produce powerful psionic energy. In fact, it is entirely possible that his entire body is made of this energy. He is in London, a little way out, but I'm sure you will be fine if you take the Jet. You should be back by dinnertime," [/b]replied the Professor.

[b]"Alright. Any more I could check out while I'm there?" [/b]Alex asked.

[b]"There's a list waiting for you in the cockpit of the Jet. Enjoy your trip, Alex," [/b]said the Professor, [b]"Or should I call you Havok?"

[/b]Alex smiled, not quite used to his new post-human baptismal name, and left the mansion, heading towards the Jet stationed beneath the basketball court.

This was going to be interesting...


The man smiled as he surveyed his new team. They were powerful young mutants, each with their own reason for being disloyal to the human race.

There was the young man who could charge inanimate objects with explosive kinetic energy; the girl who had bright white wings sprouting from her back; the powerful figure of Sabertooth, one of the founding members of the Brotherhood; the man who could "mimic" the powers of others around him; and, most interestingly, a teenage boy who could move from place to place in the blink of an eye, but he was cursed with the physical appearance of a demon.

[b]"You are all powerful young people, my friends. You do not need the human race that has tortured you for so long! They are the past, and [i]homo superior[/i] are the future! We will bring about a new era, where mutants rule the earth as Mother Nature intended! And you shall cast off your human names and become re-baptised as a post-human! Shout your names to the heavens now!"







"Welcome to your new home, my friends!"

[/b]Magneto stepped back, as did his children, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, to reveal the Promised Land, the place where mutants could be safe.

The Savage Land.

Welcome to Ultimate X-Men. Now, as I laid out above, I am coming to find you all.

So, to begin with, I need Jokopoko to post with his visit from Alex. Will, you can do this in any way you see fit.

Following this, there will be no posting order, just go for a little free-for-all. X-Men, this means you will be posting about me finding you.

Brotherhood, give me a post about your new home, just one describing your surroundings, and remember, the Savage Land is a mutant paradise. There are hundreds of other mutants living there, with beautiful architecture, art and music.

I hope you all enjoy!
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[SIZE=1]It was paradise. The garden of Eden...

He didn't belong here.

But curled up in a patch of sunlight, the warmth of the stone beneath him tickling his fur... Kurt was far too sleepy to let his usual guilt get the better of him. He snuggled down deeper into his cloak and watched the passersby below his perch in one of the towering arches surrounding Magneto's Savage Lands Estate... Though he was sure that wasn't what the man had called it...

Kurt wasn't ready yet to venture out beyond it's walls, it had taken him days after coming here to consent to stealing a little sun, and he was still trying to wrap his brain around everything the Mutant Lord had told him. He wasn't a demon. He wasn't a monster. He wasn't evil... He was just...furry. And had a tail. And could televise....Kurt shook his head at that thought. No no. What had they called it. Telephoto...had to do with cameras...teleport. Teleport.

And with that thought Kurt found himself stumbling against a cart passing through the streets...


But the man (the owner of the cart, Kurt presumed) only laughed and set him on his feet. "Out of the street, kid, I wouldn't want to run over ya'."

Kurt scrambled back into the shadows of the mansion behind him, tugging his hood down a little farther and wrinkling his nose. It smelled of sulfer... And for a moment he wasn't sure he really believed Magneto.

But then again Friar Wagners sad smiles whispered into his eyes and Kurt touched the little silver cross hidden away under his tunic. [I]"No one can come to me unless the Father, who sent me, draws him..."[/I]

And when he had mumbled his doubts to Magneto the man had scoffed. Kindly, but still undoubtable amused. [I]"You are Homosuperior, boy. You want to be human? Humans are dinosaurs, child. Perhaps they had their purpose, but I can assure you, whatever god there is is done with them. We are the chosen future Kurt. You."[/I]

The smell of fresh bread bread-and not just bread but [I]oatmeal-raisin[/I] bread- pulled Kurt out of his thoughts rather suddenly. His stomach growled , he'd left the warmth of his bed to come watch the sunrise, (he checked the shadows reach across the plaza) that was almost six hours ago! [/SIZE]

Okay, Sorry about this but I'm going to be gone for a week... I'll post as soon as I can.
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[font=times][COLOR=DarkOrchid][i]Pherrea Worthington looked to her left and right following the announcement. She cast a delicately slitted eye across Sabertooth's muscular form, then glanced over her other shoulder at Gambit. He winked and smiled at her. Automatically, she shook her thick brown hair over her eyes, crouched, then sprang into the sky, leaving behind a faint scattering of metallic white feathers.

Like a bird, she climbed higher over the Lands, clearing a patch of clouds and bursting into the open air far above. Her wings dipped automatically and she spiraled downwards in what could've been a flat spin, if she hadn't been in complete and total control of her freefall. Just before she faceplanted into a grove of aspens, she clapped her wings together twice and rocketed back upwards, her light form effortlessly curling for maximum wind resistance. In a very short while, she had landed on a rocky cliff, overlooking the territories below. She inhaled very slowly, her sense of smell picking up next to nothing out of the ordinary. Merely dust and clean air, and the scent of...mutants.[/i]

"Lovely...so different from New York and the other cities."

[i]She spoke into nothing, knowing that nobody here could hear her, and even if they did, nothing would be out of the ordinary. The winged girl dropped into an easy crouch, looking for all the world like a strange humanoid bird of prey, her wings flexing across her shoulderblades slowly, barely moving in the wind, thanks to their bizarre makeup. Her eyes looked directly into the sun, unflinching, another product of her genetic makeup. The eyes of a hawk, hawkeyes, amber and gold clashing so strongly against her dark skin and even darker hair. She looked back down at what would've been a dizzying view for most, and smiled to herself.[/i]

"So quiet. I like it up here."

[i]Seraphim rocked back on her haunches and let her forearms rest gently against her bent knees.[/i][/COLOR][/font]
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[size=1][i]Mimic....Is that who I am now? Or am I still Calvin Ralkin? I glanced at all those around me. Seraphim, the beautiful but deadly young woman with bio-organic wings. M, the one that scares me more than any other from the group. I never want to accidentally learn her power. The idea of having telepathy and possibly not being able to fully control it scares the crap out of me. Sabertooth, a vicious war-lover I couldn't begin to understand. How could anyone enjoy a fight so much. I did have to thank him though. The healing factor I enjoyed so much lately came from his nemesis, who I never would've been near otherwise. Gambit, a suave young man with an explosive touch. That was a cool-ass power. I was kind of worried about not being able to control it though, so I refrained from mimicking it, for now. And Nightcrawler, the worst of us all, at least in trying to stay hidden from the world. His blue skin and various demonic features just made that an impossibility. I felt sorry for him.

I guess to these people that was who I am. I am not Calvin Ralkin among them. I am Mimic. I am a fellow mutant who has released his humanity and acknowledged his superiority over mankind. That wasn't entirely accurate, but it was what they all believed. For a long time I've been given time to think about the methods of the Brotherhood and their beliefs. Not purposely given, but given simply because until I controlled my powers I was too dangerous to let out since I might accidentally kill someone.

I hadn't complained to much back then. I wanted to deny what I was anyway. Not to mention I was staying with the girl who'd taken me from my house. She was fun to live with. So, so many possibilities. I almost wished I was still there.

I turned away from Magneto, walking away at a fairly brisk pace. I needed time to walk off my nervous energy. A mutant....I still hated it. I didn't want to be one of them, didn't want to be a freak. But there was nothing I could do, and so I had to learn to live with it. I just couldn't believe that that meant establishing a complete dominance over every day mankind. There had to be a less deadly, less messy way.

That was where Charles Xavier stepped in. Or rather, that's where I'm hoping he steps in. For now, I remain with the Brotherhood. I suddenly stop my walking, having somehow managed to reach the top of a cliff while my thoughts wandered. I looked out across the gorgeous expanse. Trees thicker than any I'd seen before stretched hundreds of feet in the air, reaching for the heavens as though trying to pick the stars from the sky.

Even the flowers around me were huge, some coming up to my waist. Theoretically, it was a small paradise, and it'd make a great vacation spot. But it's not for me. This isn't where I belong...Now, I search for where it is I do belong...[/i]
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Her blood ran hot at Magneto's promise of the world, and she looked around at her fellow mutants, her fellow [I]homo superior[/I]. His speech made her feel as if she belonged there, and Magneto's words reinforced ehr belief that mutants were superior to normal people and deserved the Earth. He made her feel like she had a home again, for the first tme since her brother had taken her.

So finally, after long years being at the mercy of her brother, she was somewhere she belonged. Seraphim and her were the only females, but she didn't seem like much company; getting up and flying off at the first opportunity. Kurt also slunk off, but with his physical mutation, she couldn't really blame him. Sabertooth was too old and bloodthirsty to try to forge a relationship with on any level, so that left her with Mimic and Gambit. The way Mimic looked at her, he seemed to be...afraid? That was troubling...It reminded her of the few people who knew about her mutation and hated her for it.

So, by process of elimination, she was left with Gambit. Not the kind of guy she would have chosen, he was, after all, very scruffy, for lack of a better word. Upon glancing at him, he grins. His eyes were strange, as well. Not necessarily frightening, just strange. She was used to being with clean cut men who valued their appearances, but by the looks of the guys she was with now, Monet was just going to have to readjust.

M shook her head and grabbed a book from her messenger bag; a worn book with its cover torn off, but the title page says it was written by John Allerdyce. She looks around for a suitable place to relax, and spots it in the trunk of some huge and strange tree she'd never seen before. Walking to it and sitting down, she opens her book to a random page and reads, clearly it wasn't the first time she'd read it.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=teal]A jet screamed overhead as Jono ducked into a near by alleyway, narrowly avoiding a pair of Constables. He?d be on the run for almost four months now so he?d picked up the basics of avoidance and keeping stealthy. If he could of Jono would?ve sighed at this thought, four months of being away from his family and friends. On two occasions he?d passed a shop or bar with a television showing the news only to see his face on the screen, correction, what had been his face before the [i]accident[/i].

In all his time hiding out he?d yet to come across a, what the media was calling, ?mutant? and Jono was doubtful that it he ever did encounter another one they would not come close to the disfigurement he?d suffered at the hands of his own mutation.

One thing he was thankful for in regards to the mutation was that since the accident he?d not need to eat, drink or do anything that ordinary people need to do to sustain themselves. Even though he still had his nose Jono wasn?t even sure if he needed to breathe anymore - he hadn?t smelt anything since the accident so he assumed so.

Though he wasn?t keen to find out anything more about his mutation and made sure that he disguised it as best he could, mostly just wearing a scarf around what used to be his lower face and always wearing a long overcoat and baggy shirts to cover the hole in his chest. That was another oddity, neither his wrecked face nor blasted chest hurt in the slightest, he?d go so far as to say he was used to them by now.

Looking out on the street Jono checked to make sure the way was clear before coming out the alleyway and setting off at a quick trot down the street. He didn?t really have a purpose anymore because everything that he needed to live seemed to be provided by the crackling energy contained in his chest so he didn?t even need to steal food or anything, in fact he was quite bored. Jono soon discovered he could still talk even though he was lacking a mouth, vocal cords and the other necessities for speech but that didn?t mean he would talk to strangers, they?d likely be very freaked out by hearing a voice inside their head they didn?t recognise.

[i]?My curse and my blessing I guess...?[/i] Jono thought, and said, to himself as he began kicking a can as he walked.

?It?s not a curse at all, but it is a blessing.? Came a voice from behind.

Jono turned around sharply to see who was talking. It was a young man, blond hair and wearing one of the most ridiculous suits Jono had ever seen. He would have smiled.

[i]?How did you hear me?[/i] Jono asked, people only heard him if he directed his thoughts straight at them.

?You need to turn of the wide-band.? The man said with a smirk, Jono didn?t understand what he meant. What actually surprised him was the person seemed to realise Jono was talking without actually talking.

[i]?What ever, now just piss off if you don?t mind.?[/i] With that Jono turned around and resumed kicking the can, but before he?d got more than two feet an energy blast struck the group close to his feet.

[i]?Hey! Just who the fuck do you think you are anyway??[/i] Jono mentally shouted. All the man did was stand there and smirk.


OOC: If you don?t mind Phil I think it?d be better for you to finish off this encounter, for I fear I?d get all clichéd.[/size][/color]
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[i][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1]I lightly brushed my hand across one of the flowers near me. It was almost comforting. I'd finally switched from a full pair of gloves to a fingerless pair, and while the sensation was indeed stronger than what I'd've expected, it was finally beginning to become tolerable. It no longer hurt just to touch something. I really didn't understand how Proudstar lived with this abilities, but perhaps he had to adjust the same way I am. My glasses were off, so I kept my head toward the ground most of the time, shading my eyes from the harsh sun with my hood, while still allowing myself to be affected by the light.

My hearing caught the sound of wings, not quite natural. I glanced up, focusing my sight, trying to ignore the painful sunlight. I noticed Seraphim on a ledge a decent distance from me. Seraphim confused me. At times I thought she was like Sabertooth, revelling in war and destruction. At other times, she seemed more like me, calmly wishing for a more peaceful life. I wondered if there was something in her past that I didn't know about that made her that way. Maybe the fighting was an outlet for other emotions. But no matter what, I got the feeling she didn't belong with the Brotherhood any more than I did. Perhaps when I got Charles Xavier to accept me, she would follow too...Maybe it would do her some good....

It was a dangerous path I was on really. Magneto was not a forgiving man, and I was mildly afraid he might do something to me if I went to the X-Men. He had no patience for Charles Xavier's ways, felt that peace was either unattainable, or just not worth it. I hadn't quite figured that out yet. But then again, the X-Men would probably protect me, right?

((OOC: Really not much, but I"D Like to see where this could go.))
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